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Magnetic Fields

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I just watched a Nova special about how the Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker. Apparently, the field is reversing polarity, so that instead of emanating from the south pole, it will emanate from the north. During its weakest time, the cancer rate will rise only a little and the aurora will be seen in many different parts of the world e.g. London. Apparently, this is supposed to happen in a few generations. I just thought it was neat!
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Yeah, the Aurora Borealis. I thought that at the current time, they were only visible close to the North Pole and the ones in the south near the South Pole. This is because most of the solar particles that hit the Earth dead on are deflected, but some remain trapped at the polarized north and south. But, wait, I see now that you are from Finland, so you're lucky enough to see the light show, to the envy of all.
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.....we get a half way decent show of the borealis up here at the 45th par.  from time to time. there was even a few rare times when they were seen from down in massachusetts,but i gather those times were mere flukes as they had it on the news when i was kid.   myself and my dear friend,Jim,did a road trip up to Rouyn-Noranda,QC-(about 260-miles from JAMES/HUDSON'S BAY, in late august and we saw the borealis every night we were there that was clear. it was very intense and wonderful to experience.

                                                  ~se7en :ouro:

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