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Bionic Woman loses showrunner (Glen Morgan)

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'Bionic Woman' loses showrunner

Saturday, September 8 2007, 12:44 BST

By Tony Delgado

Glen Morgan has reportedly left his role as showrunner on the upcoming Bionic Woman remake due to 'creative differences'.

Variety states that Morgan, renowned for his writing work on The X-Files, left with immediate effect and that the show faces the prospect of production being temporarily halted while amendments are made to its direction. David Eick, who produced the revived Battlestar Galactica will now be the sole showrunner and work alongside executive producer Jason Smilovic.

Bionic Woman, which stars former EastEnders and Jekyll actress Michelle Ryan in the lead role, will debut in the US in late

September. The pilot episode was greeted with poor reviews when screened to critics earlier in the summer, although numerous changes

are said to have been made for the version that will be broadcast.

Source: Digital Spy

'Bionic Woman' boss explains recent problems

Monday, September 10 2007, 15:09 BST

By Tony Delgado

The executive producer of the upcoming Bionic Woman remake has brushed aside the notion that behind-the-scenes problems are damaging the show.

David Eick, who is also in charge of Battlestar Galactica, spoke to Sci-Fi Wire in the light of the news that showrunner Glen Morgan left the project over 'creative differences'.

"Finding the people—not just people who get it, but defining what the 'it' is that you want everyone to get... is its own sort of separate endurance test. I think this is really no different from, frankly, most of the genre shows I've done in that there's a lot of turnover early in the process. It's just the way it works."

Eick also stressed the variety of different interpretations possible for the new television series, which stars English actress Michelle Ryan in the title role. "Some people come in thinking, 'Well, if it's got someone with super strength, it must mean it has to be really kind of funny and kooky,' and other people come in and said, 'Well, we've got someone with a tortured soul who's had this thing perpetrated on her, then it's got to be very dark and twisted.' Other people might say, 'Well, it should be very female and soft.'"

Source: Digital Spy

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