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MLM Browser Win XP and earlier Version.zip

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File Name: MLM Browser Win XP and earlier Version.zip

File Submitter: stuartW

File Submitted: 30 Sep 2007

File Category: Millennium themed skins and enhancements

MLM Browser intends to provide fans of the show MillenniuM with a browser interface in

the theme of the show.

MLM Browser is effectively a skin for Internet Explorer that adopts the theme of the TV series

MillenniuM and allows the user to browse the web.

The programme should work under all recent versions of Windows. It has been tested with

Win XP (SP2), Win 98 successfully. If you run Win Vista, download the Vista version.

How safe is MLM Browser?

It is as safe as your version of Internet Explorer.

How do you install MLM Browser?

Simply unzip and run the enclosed setup file (MLM Browser Setup.exe)

and it will install all required files in the MLM Browser directory it creates in the default directory being

Program Files. This can be changed during the install if required. It will also create a shortcut of

MLMBrowser.exe to on your desktop for ease of use.

If you prefer to do a manual install see the Vista version.

Please see the Readme and FAQ files supplied for further information or contact me through TIWWA.

Thanks to Graham (The Old Man) for testing the earlier versions.


StuartW :ouro:

Click here to download this file

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This is an excellent and fun download for Millennium fans! Try it out and please post back on your thoughts!

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