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Millennium - The Complete DVD Collection Artwork (Region 1)

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Guest ZeusFaber

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Guest No Touching

While Emma may definitely be more attractive than Watts to the targeted demographic, Terry O'Quinn has probably become the most marketable member of the cast in the wake of Lost. So yeah, color me surprised that he isn't on there.

But ideally, I'd replace Emma with the "cops with flashlights" from the Region 1 Season One set, and replace the Nostradamus Nutball with the Gehenna Devil. Maybe move the Nutball up where the chained hands (Catherine's?) are. That way you can get a good representation of the entire series: Cop drama, serial killers, and the supernatural.

And yeah, while you can't market this show as a countdown to the millennium, you can still tap into the similiar frenzy that will erupt as we get closer to 2012.

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