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Framing & preserving your signed CD insert

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Guest Watts

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I decided to write up a little tutorial for those who are interested in framing and preserving your signed Mark Snow CD booklet. I am a professional picture framer and all of the materials shown here are museum quality and acid free.

First thing you want to do is build a sink mat. I chose a thick 8 ply 100% cotton rag backing board. The strips that build the sink portion of the mat have to be the same thickness as the booklet. In this case 2 ply rag mat.


Next I attach the 2 ply strips around the CD booklet, this is what will hold the booklet in place. (Notice that no glue or adhesive ever touches the booklet.)


After the strips are secured snuggly around all 4 sides of the booklet I picked out a mat. In this case I chose a nice black mat.


I opted for a 2" mat all the way around the booklet. The opening in the mat will be slightly smaller than the size of the booklet so that it doesn't fall through the opening.


Then I cut the mat, and attach it over the booklet.



Next I cut a piece of Conservation Glass which has a 98% UV filter which will preserve the booklet from fading and other light damage.



Then I chose an appropriate Gothic style frame and cut it to size. After cutting and sanding the frame it is assembled around the artwork.


And voila! There you have it, your very own framed, archival quality Mark Smow signed CD insert!


Make sure if you're bringing yours somewhere to get framed that they do the following-

-Use only acid free materials. (No cardboard, foam etc.!)

-Make a sink mat for it.

-Don't glue or tape the booklet in place! (That's what the sink mat is for!)

-Use a UV filtering glass.

Thank you.


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Jared that looks incredible, man do I wish you were round the corner from me as I would hire your considerable talent. I was going to attempt to frame my own in some cheap and nasty clip frame from an art supplies shop but you have convinced me to dip into the coffers and let someone do a professional job for me. I'm going to print yours off if you don't mind as I want a frame similar to the one you chose, it looks superb.

A fascinating tutorial!


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Thanks! The frame I used was a new one from Niesen. It's a hand finished aluminium frame that looks like wood. It's from Nielsen's 'Specialty' line, color Antique Black, model number 121-G04.

Glad you like it!

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Thank you very much indeed Jared! An amazing tutorial, you really know your stuff!

Like Eth said, if you were local I'd hire you in an instant! I'm afraid its beyond my talents, but I'll ask a local chap to do it for me and I'll also ask for the those special considerations to be taken into account.

Thanks again.


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Guest Anephric

Watts: this is such a fantastic DIY entry - would you mind if I cross-posted this to another forum? I'll surely give you credit and link them back to this original thread.

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Guest tjmasiakowski

Thanks for sharing Jared, really awesome tutorial!

I don't have anything to frame yet but when I do have something I will direct myself directly to this thread!



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