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Morgan And Wong - Millennium Home And Away

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Another new article for your enjoyment folks. This time it's Glen Morgan and James Wong talking about their vision of Millennium for Expose Magazine #15.

It's a great article and well worth a download.


post-1185-078052000 1276697935_thumb.jpg

post-1185-008773300 1276698070_thumb.jpg

post-1185-004581200 1276698176_thumb.jpg

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Guest Herr Doktor Schlossburg

Excellent article! Unfortunately, some pages seem to be missing and the text breaks off mid-sentence. Could you pleease post the rest?

I remember once reading an article about Millennium in a German TV paper which was published halfway through the 1st season, urging its readers to give the show a second chance (the ratings were fairly poor). Too bad I don't have it any more.

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