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Drum roll please… announcing Achievements!

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We've just upgraded to the latest version of our community software. The major new feature is called Achievements!


Achievements means that we can award our members Points and Badges based on conditional rules!

The developers have dreamed up innovative actions for us to publicly recognize members who show up and participate in meaningful ways. It's no longer just about post count.

Here’s what you need to know...

Badges... they're cool.

Your Badges will be displayed around the community but mostly in your Profile.


Click on the Recent Badges to go to the full list of your Achievements...




Our new Achievements Points system keeps a running tally of Points. Members can earn Points in a multitude of ways. Essentially, it’s achieved by participating in the community. 

Create a topic? Points! Post a reply? Points! Follow another member? Nothing. Just kidding… Points!!!

This is mostly done through creating a system of Rules.

Er, Rules

So Rules are actionable processes set up at the backend. We're not going to give away all of the Rules, that wouldn't be much fun!

Here are a few of the more obvious ways that members can earn Points to give you some basic idea:

When a...

  • Member joins a club
  • Reaction is given
  • New poll is created
  • User follows a content item
  • Review is posted
  • Member logs in for the first time that day
  • New club is created
  • Content item/comment is promoted or featured
  • Comment/reply is posted
  • User follows a forum, blog, gallery, category etc
  • User votes on a poll
  • User is followed
  • New content item is posted
  • Post is marked as best answer


How it works...

So... Example: When a member posts 10 times, then a particular Badge is automatically awarded. Our Community Elders can also award certain badges. Some badges are very rare, achieved only the top x percent of our total members!

But enough of that!



We’ve completely revamped our Ranks system to communicate with Achievements. 

Our new Achievements’ Ranks system replaces our previous Ranks system and compliments the Reputation system.

You'll notice we've got different Ranks based on how many Points a member earns. Effectively the higher a members’ Rank, the greater their influence because the more they’ve participated. It means a new, fun way to recognize and thank you for your contributions to our community.

Wait, where's my custom title gone that I set up after reaching 1013 posts?

Fear not, we've been careful to preserve custom member titles, and we've added them your Profiles.

Starting from scratch... Aw Hell, no!

Rather than starting everyone from today, where everyone is essentially a newbie even though they have been here almost 20 years, we've been busy and recalculated all of your existing posts and content, running it through our Rules system so you'll see in your profile your current points and badges straight away.
There’s perhaps a lot to absorb here, but if there’s anything to take away from this post it’s this:

We can empower all of our contributing members with fun Achievements, which in turn creates a more immersive and elevated experience for our die-hards.

And hey, who doesn’t love to earn? 

Concerns? Comments? Questions? We’d love for you to sound off with your replies! Not only because we want to hear from you, but because it’ll earn you some sweet, sweet Points, too!

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Wow, what a great new feature! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Graham.

(I thought i would just drop by quickly to see what people have been up to, and then my jaw dropped when i saw those screenshots. 😆 )

 Surprised Cat GIF


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