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"owls" Screen Captures Up

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Guest chrisnu

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Guest chrisnu

Screen captures from "Owls" are now up; the shots turned out well, and I hope you enjoy them. Here's the website address to access them:


They can also be accessed at:


I'll leave you with this:


"Peter, Frank's sexual shenanigans are causing unwanted exposure for the Group. We'll need to open a can of whoopass on him."


"Are you out of your freakin' mind? We're supposed to be ambiguous, not pure dagnasty evil!"


"Money, Frank! The Group is willing to pay vast sums of money if the XXX charges stop showing up on Group cards."


"Your Porn Palace cleared the card, Peter. Think about that, man. You're down with the dirty deeds too. You stop sucking their credit cards."


"Catherine Black" AND "nudie pictures" = search results. Interesting.


"We're so happy to have Catherine on our team, Frank."


"Yeah! *chuckles* I bet you are." *mumbles* Nutball.


"Y... you don't like me anymore?"


"This game of hopskotch requires left and right feet, Lara. The monkey bars need two steady hands. To put it bluntly, you're a freakin' basket case, and the Group has no more room for nutjobs."


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