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Millennium Cd Track Titles

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Guest goodbye2allthat

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Guest goodbye2allthat

So, I know I don't really visit this forum that much (or at all), but I wondered if you could help me out

I first heard about the Millennium cd on this site's news page, and was one who mourned over the fact that it was an iTunes exclusive, and only available to US residents. But later I downloaded it using a p2p program (don't hate me, it was the only way to get it). However I did notice that the titles given (Pilot, Marantha, Jose Chung, MotC, Time is Now, Omerta and GtaT) might not have been correct. The only way I knew this was because the music to "Goodbye to all That" was not the music I had sought for ages, but was music I don't recall hearing.

Recently, whilst rewatching Season 1, I noticed that the cd I had downloaded was actually music from the first season alone. But I accepted that, and came to believe that the titles on iTunes were obviously wrong and this was the only soundtrack out there

But today, after downloading the Firefly Soundtrack direct from the Fox Music site, I spotted the Millennium soundtrack, and for some reason, I checked to see if the titles matched up with the cd I already had download. Sure enough they did, except the track lengths didn't. One listen to the samples and I realised that this was the soundtrack I had longed for - a true "Best of" collection. So I instantly downloaded it

Now though I'm puzzled. I've read through the threads here and learnt about the Season 1 Promo which was what I had gotten my hands on previously, but I still don't know what the track listing is.

I hoped I would find one here, but no luck. I spotted this https://www.millenniumdesktop.co.uk/html/md...ep2002.htm#MMCD but I don't think that's it

So I wondered if anyone could help

I went through some episodes earlier, skipping through them to put titles to some of the mislabelled tracks, and I've done so with some, giving them my own headings like "Lamentation - Edge of the World" for the music that plays at the beginning of that episode.

Still, I'd like some help in naming the other tracks so if you could tell me which tracks come from which episodes, I'd be most appreciative. I think it might help identify them too if you state the length of the track

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  • Elders (Admins)

I don't have too much time to go into this again but you can see larger topic in this forum with more information. Essentially apart from the fan made CD's, there are two 'official' Millennium CD's. You didn't put a link to the Fox Music site where you saw the title listings but I asume you are refering to the Best of Millennium Soundtrack, more info and track listing here.

That's the official, official soundtrack which is still frustratingly only available from the US store of iTunes. You wouldn't believe how many times I get emailed and PM'd about it!

The other was the supposedly or rumoured 'stolen' Season One promo CD which found its way onto the net and into our paws after one of our former website staff traded a batch of pirated Millennium Laserdisc to DVD-R's to acquire it from a forum member (Caligari) at Multitude of Voices.

Caligari has posted the following:

I assume that they will release season 1 shortly - concerning the rumours - since I own a promotional CD release with the tracks of the 1. season. They wouldn't have released it if there weren't any plans to release a DVD. In a further post he advises: My best friend and me met this July and he's working for a record label in LA which works for Universal etc. He's a designer too and did the artwork for Mark Snow soundtracks. He only had one promotional copy but let me burn it. It was fully designed and all. Why should they release a promo CD if they don't plan to finally release the first season on DVD? I read about the rumours and also found a link to a page that shows future release dates for DVDs. It's a soundtrack CD with a song for each episode and starting and ending with the Millennium theme. I only had the CD borrowed for a few hours, so I don't remember much more than the titles. Design was typically though - brownish fading.

Our ex-moderator then sold copies around the Internet and yes I do have one which he sent me and I treasure it to this day. Its Season One and is incredible to listen to, I recognise immediately which episodes some of the tracks are from but others I still don't recall. I get emailed a lot by people asking me if I have this but of course its unlawful for me to put it up online, distribute it or sell it. Some forum Members here at TIWWA have mentioned in the past that they have aquired a Season Two Promo CD, I've never seen or heard it so I can't validate this.

For now, the only way to acquire the soundtrack is the excellent iTunes version which contains tracks from all 3 seasons on one CD. I'll be uploading the 30 second previews again asap here in the forums for members who do not have iTunes or cannot get it to listen to them. I hope and pray that iTunes release it onto more stores (they still refuse to reply to emails sent to them re this) or that Fox release it as an actual CD. Look out for a complete indepth section on Millennium's music in the new website I'm working on to replace Millennium Desktop, when I get chance!

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Guest goodbye2allthat

Thanks Old Man for replying

Here's the link to the Fox site - https://builder.navio.com/tts/store/index.j...&brand=FoxMusic - a link to the Millennium Digital EP is found at the bottom

It has the track listing you mentioned, but the Season 1 Promo I got had the same titles (And were therefore wrong). I don't know, but I assume the iTunes version is that same as that found in the Fox Store (Is it the correct music... namely the final track, GtaT: End Titles actually being the end theme to the show?)

I guess the user I downloaded the Season 1 Promo from didn't know the titles, and so just put the same track titles as the Best of Compilation

I just wondered if there was a correct track listing for the Promo Cd out there. A Front and Back Cover would have been ever better

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Thanks for the link!


Goodbye2allthat - as with everyone who owns a "copy" of the 1st season promo disc, a track title has been frustratingly elusive...however, from what i can come up with here is the following

Track 1/3 - of course the title, one long version/one reg

Tracks 6/7/8 - used in Gehenna, track 7 used as background music in Gehenna as Frank is reading the Bible. I believe track 8 is used at the end

Track 12 - Title to Force Majure

Track 15 - used in Maranatha when Frank and Peter are looking at all the pieces of art with the priest

Track 17/18 - Used in Lamentations, with 18 being the theme title

Track 23 - End title...

thats all i can come up with right now, i think most of the pieces are used repeatedly as background in multiple episodes.

I find the title of the album available on itunes to be of a curious nature, "MIllenniuM's Greatest Hits"??..pretty bold statement, when it only includes music from the 2nd season. I find the 1st season promo music to be FAR, FAR more dark and foreboding, a masterpiece if you will. At the time i bought the "Greatest Hits"? on itunes, and i know to most of you this sounds discombobulated and bizarre, i downloaded each individual song for .99 cents instead of just paying 9.99 for the entire album. This cost me roughly with tax, about 19 and change. I did that in the pollyanic hope that by doing so, Mr. Snow would recieve a heightened royaltly so that i could own the "copy" of the 1st season music in peace..sound stupid? sorry, this is Who I Am....

The Fourth Horseman...

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Guest zombieromero

Why? Have you got a steering wheel down your trousers Old Man? Lol, you walked right into that one, sorry for the bad joke.

Same here I think one of us should do some research and write a definitive guide on the subject of the Millennium tracklistings.

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