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Italian Wormwood

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Yes, it seems I cannot seem to view a movie without finding at least one MLM actor/ress... and at a minimum... at least one actor/ress from any of the other 1013 shows.

The Italian Job features everybody's favorite Russian actor, Boris Krutonog, who plays the loveable, "easy going"  :angry_steaming_big:, obsessed with blood-vengence, Russian Detective, Yura Surova in Maranatha.

He has a small part a Russian underground/cyndicate merchant in the Italian Job.  It was cool to see him again.  I don't think I have noticed him in anything since Maranatha.

BTW, in my opinion, the directing was weak in some of this film.  There are segments that are just completely out of place and pace with the rest of the film.  And don't look for much depth.  If you like a basic action flick with lots of fast cars and chase scenes... this film is for you.  I personally enjoyed the action... though it was not even close to being plausible.  But, then again, "plausibilty" is not the purpose in seeing an action film... action is!

I was disappointed with Ed Nortons character, I really hoped it would be more complex or outrageous, or just something Ed Norton-ish!  I guess Ed will never again just be another actor after I saw him in American History X and Fight Club.  I will always be looking for "that" Ed Norton!

"You were a myth... no more!"


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