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Idea for Millienium Screensaver

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Guest Forza

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Guest Forza

Is anyone with a knowledge of coding interested in creating a screensaver identical to the one seen in "The Hand of Saint Sebastian"?  It's the one where the head of the snake eats the rest of the :ouro: .

Would it be very difficult?

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Yeah!  Roedecker's screen saver rocks! (that's the one you are refering to).  I believe our loveable Old Man here, Graham, attempted to do duplicate it, some time ago, but for some reason it presented him with some difficulties at the time which we quite complicated, or beyond his scope at the time.  I don't know if he or anyone else has anything in the works at this time.   You can see some of the effects that he acheived thru his efforts.  I believe he used it in creating se7enand1's Avatar for TIWWA.  I think you can also see it in his other screen savers which feature a spinning Ouro.  I'm sure he will chime in here eventually on this.  I hope I haven't given any erroneous info here about it.  I think I related it fairly acurately.  But, if I am wrong, I am prepared to receive a caning from the Old Man's Staff  :eyes:  :plaster_big:  :laugh_big:

Don't be dark,

:hands: Scott :hands3:

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Guest nuno
That's cool. Is there in any place a oroborus in large size for download that i could place in my screen.
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  • Elders (Admins)


The Old Man chimes in!

Yes I did attempt it (to recreate the blue unique screensaver that Roedecker had) but I couldn't get it right. It's on my to do list though...

BTW, Se7enand1's Avatar was created by one of missing Elder's Matt, not me. I did Selfosophy Psycho's and my own...

As for large Millennium Ouro Wallpapers, you can find either a plain one or a version with a certain well known poem in at my site Millennium Desktop under downloads/wallpapers. Available in 800x600 or 1024x768.



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Oooops!  My apologies to Elder Matt!  And didn't didn't Graham do a great job on my avatar!  I was soooo ecstatic about it when he sent it to me!  I had sent him the basic idea of what I was looking for in a flash avatar... and he blew my mind with how much it was like what I had visualized, and even better!!!  Thanks again, Graham!

BTW, has anyone heard from Elder Matt lately?  Is he off with Lara Means somewhere?

:hands3: Scott

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Guest TheSunKing1972
well, there's the intro to the show (which can be found at MDUK) that I would like to have as a screen saver...but it would be even sweeter to have the intro play at start up...is there a way? :thankx-big:  :frank_black:
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Guest Vedder

There are several programs available that will let you play video files as a screen saver. There is a freeware one called MovieScreenSaver that works using Windows Media Player. So, you could download the Season 2 opening credits from the MDUK download section and then play it as your screen saver.

MDUK Opening Credits Download





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