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The Millennium Group

I haven't checked this site, that I 1st found in 2003, in quite a while, but it's interesting to see that they are still out there. WAY "out there"!

The following is just an example....

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.


There's A Paradigm Shift On The Way

The interest rates have been great as of late! Many here in California have refinanced their homes, adding on and buying new cars. Here in the U.S. we're hustling and bustling along, working harder than ever, putting in more and more hours every week. It seems like there's fewer and fewer hours in a week. And it's almost Fall again. This kind've sums up our lives here in the U.S.. We're spending less time with family and more time seeking out that almighty American dollar. More time watching reality shows and less time living fulfilling lives. We focus on the most foolish things, then give it all nothing more than a moments thought. But that's our existence. We want bigger, newer cars and homes. We want more comfort and more money in the bank. We compete so rigorously against each other, it's a wonder that we don't have murders and mayhem in the streets. Well... we do. But we still ignore it. We're more concerned with what the California Governor is doing with his spare time and the breakup of Brad and Jennifer, more than reality.

AND it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

We believe that we're so aware. We think that our world is all that there is. Let me try to squeeze in between George Bush's U.N. appointment and the Media's biased garbage. I am convinced of the reality of other civilizations and species that some call aliens, riding around in UFO's. Further that they have and are visiting the earth regularly. After reading Richard Dolan's book on UFO's and our government's conspiracy to hide them, I no longer have any doubts. The evidence is overwhelming. Further, the evidence that we have put forth in previous articles, based on Biblical Truths and other proofs, leads to a few undeniable points: First there is a massive invasion underway; Biblical prophecy states that we are on the verge of what the Prophets call "The Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord"; The cleansing will come from above, not from another country on the Earth as biblical scholars have believed; There is a political organization in the Heavens above us; There is evidence of contention that has gone on for sometime now. War is at hand. And it will likely come in our lifetime. Greater war than this earth has ever known.

EXHIBIT #1 Let's start with a quote from a most excellent article by Harry Mason:

"A large orange red spherical "fireball" with a very small bluish white conical tail had flown from low down in the south over observers traveling to the north. Some observers reported that the fireball was cylindrical in form and more yellow-blue-white in colour. It was heard as a pulsed roaring or loud diesel engine sound - well BEFORE it arrived, it dropped off no glowing fragments, and had no long luminous tail or sparks - as is common meteor activity.

Its speed was similar to a 747 jet liner or afast jet plane and obviously less than the speed of sound since loud noises were heard before the "object" arrived.

The sounds heard before it arrived were most definitely NOT "normal" electrophonic sounds as have been quite commonly reported from historical meteor fireball events - (Such electrophonic sounds are experienced as weird "pings" and "whees" of low volume intensity and are not fully understood at this time, but are believed to be due to hertzian E/M waves produced in the bolide plasma trail and propagated at the speed of light to the observer - in advance of the bolide. These E/M waves are thought to harmonically couple with the inner ear, or to cause nearby objects to vibrate sympathetically thus producing the observed low volume sounds).

No sonic booms were reported, and no observer believed that any explosion was heard until the "object" got to ground level - or very nearly so (behind low hills or tree line cover) - and exploded/or impacted.

It flew apparently parallel to the Earth's curvature in a long "nap of the Earth" arcing trajectory at low altitude (some 1-2000 metres ?) from low down on the southern horizon, not with a "normal" meteor inbound high angle high altitude trajectory. The fireball lit up some observers and their vicinity as it passed overhead. It's flight trajectory was observed over a distance of least 250 km. (although it probably had a much longer flight path from well out over the Antarctic Ocean). It then appeared to arc down towards the ground and disappeared out of sight behind trees or low hills.

This was followed by a near blinding massive high energy burst of blue-white light that rippled for about 3-5 seconds. This lit up the night (windless, cloudless, and moonless) sky as if daylight. Observers could see for + 100 km. in every direction at ground level - "AS CLEAR AS DAY". The energy intensity involved in this light flash was similar to the light flash generated by a significant nuclear blast, and in many respects the incident strongly resembled a night time nuclear test.

A huge red coloured flare then shot vertically skywards for some considerable distance (several kilometres ?), and this was immediately followed by a massive seismic ground wave that hit the observers nearest to "ground zero" such that rocks and beer cans vibrated off of tables and the ground shook violently so that persons tending a camp fire fell over.

A very loud major explosive blast then followed that was heard over a 250 km x 150 km corridor, minor quake damage was reported as far as 150 km southeast of the "ground zero" - the other directions (excepting Leonora to the southwest) being largely uninhabited. One engineer situated that night in Laverton, with Gulf war experience of missiles and aircraft breaking the sound barrier, described it as "definitely a major explosive concussion wave blast (not a sonic boom) - similar to, but MUCH bigger than, a normal open pit mine blast".

A large deep red-orange coloured hemisphere of opaque light with a silver outer shell lining then rose from ground level to hover around over the "ground zero location". This structure when fully developed was approximately three times the size of a typical Goldfields setting Moon as seen by observers located 30-50km from it - (i.e. it was very big), and it "bobbed around a bit for NEARLY TWO HOURS, before disappearing suddenly - as if someone threw the light switch off".

This "half soup plate structure " (looking like a "deep red very large and half set Sun") was seen by two observers from widely separated locations, one at the Banjawarn station buildings, and one at the Deleta station buildings.

Dogs at both locations went totally berserk whining and howling and attempting to get off their leads - whilst the aerial light hemisphere was up; presumably there was an ultra-sonic or vlf E/M wave propagation that the dogs were extremely sensitive to.

Aboriginal prospectors who were camped very near to ground zero at the Freeman's Find gold prospect were extremely spooked by the event believing that it was "the end of the world"...... Some of them thought that they had witnessed a "jumbo jet" crash behind a range of low hills. They gathered their swags (bed rolls) close together - as they were too scared to sleep apart. In the morning they climbed a hill to look for fires in the distance but could see no smoke. They quickly departed the area for the safety of Leonora.

One Aboriginal stockman observer located at the Banjawarn station buildings believed that he was witnessing a fairly slow moving "UFO" and became very worried that they were going to land and abduct him and his two companions - since it flew directly at him and then passed very noisily low overhead - going into it's final downwards arcing plunge .....

Almost exactly one hour after the first big event three observers (located at the Banjawarn station buildings) also saw a second much smaller fireball - more blue-green-white in colour, which appeared to rise from ground level ?, but which definitely rose from behind distant trees well south of the station perimeter, and flew to the north in a high mortar shell type arc before coming down to ground level, behind distant bush. It's flight path was divergent to the north northeast when compared to that of the first major "fireball" event of that night."

The article is long but I definitely recommend that you read it. To read it CLICK HERE.

So where are these bursts of plasma originating from? Where are they going? They have been seen virtually all around the planet.

EXHIBIT #2 Now to another part of this story. One that is heavy to heart and difficult to relive.

On February 1, 2003 the space shuttle Columbia fell to the earth in pieces and the entire crew died.

There has been the usual hours and hours of media coverage on the reason believed to have caused the horrendous destruction. There have been numerous press conferences at NASA explaining the accident. And all that they have come up with was that a piece of foam hit the wing on takeoff and this caused the massive destruction that we are now very familiar with. But the explanation don't match the reports given by some witnesses.

An image taken by an amateur astronomer, has clearly shown a bolt of "plasma" hitting the Columbia space shuttle just before the break up of the craft. It didn't take NASA long to abscond with the photo and start their disinformation campaign and debunking tactics. Here's a report:

"NASA investigators of the Columbia space shuttle disaster have set up a study group to analyze a photograph, taken by an amateur astronomer from a San Francisco hillside, that appears to show a bolt of electricity striking the doomed orbiter as it streaked across Northern California."

This report came from a San Francisco newspaper as local news. It accurately states that a "bolt of electricity [struck] the doomed orbiter". This report came out very soon after the disaster occurred. It was kind've one of those things that slips out of your mouth before you wanted it to, and you can't get it back into your mouth - it's already said and said too late. Of course the photo was impossible to find after the crash. This photo to the left was actually posted with the story above in different papers. The paring of this photo with this story might fool those that didn't look closer. This picture was taken at Kirtland Air Force Base. In the caption of the image it pushes the misinformation even further. They call it "the original photo", when it had nothing to do with the photo referenced in the SF news story. Then the caption reads that the picture was "turned over to NASA". This once again sounds like the photo referenced in the San Francisco paper. Then the lies were off and running. Here's another "planted" news story blaming the above "bolt of electricity" on the Nikon digital camera.


Camera catching shuttle 'zap' had own glitch

Nikon admits digital devices sometimes show purple aberrations

Posted: February 6, 2003

1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs

© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

As interest skyrockets in an unreleased photograph purporting to show the space shuttle Columbia being "zapped" by some kind of purple electrical phenomenon, WorldNetDaily has learned that the digital camera model which took the picture has been known to have its own color glitches.

You have to give them one thing - this disinformation was in print only five days after the Columbia disaster. Notice how they are framing it - "zapped by some kind of purple electrical phenomenon". Framing the event this way makes you look foolish if you could possibly ever think that the space shuttle was zapped by some purple electrical thing!

Here's the real picture, sent to me by a reader. You can also see it posted at Holoscience.com (no longer on Holoscience's site). Side by side with the Time cover.

The picture that was posted here has been

taken down. Click here to see why.

The real image is time lapse and the long diagonal line is Columbia and the plasma blast finds its target just like a heat seeking missile. But it's pretty incredible to watch the P.R. campaign surrounding the current shuttle mission; the pieces of cloth peeking out between the shuttle tiles. The guy grabbed it with his thumb and forefinger and without any effort yanked it out.

EXHIBIT #3 On to another piece of the story.

Earlier this year, a story reported in the country previously known as the Soviet Union (but not reported in the states), revealed some new evidences that support this idea:

"July 10, 2005

Earth Emits Massive Cosmic Blast in First Recorded Event of Its Kind as Scientists Warn Of ‘Catastrophic’ Earth Changes

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are reporting today that a 5.5 Magnitude Event Earthquake that occurred in the Northwestern Balkan Peninsula was caused by a strange, and previously unheard of, Cosmic Blast discharged from our Earths atmosphere towards an as of yet undetermined ‘object’ in space.

But to the effects upon our Earth from the Massive Blasts we have been receiving from space (and which we have previously mentioned such as in our December 26, 2004 report titled "Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet Causing Massive Earthquakes in Southern Hemispheric Regions") perhaps no place has been as drastically affected as the Southern Hemispheric continent of Australia where the scouring of the Earth has reached such dramatic proportions they are calling these times their new ‘Dust Age’.

To the confused minds of these Western Scientists about all of these events, and with the Earth now sending out into space Cosmic Blasts of its own, Russian scientists suggest that instead of working to make new theories these Western Scientists should instead relearn the legends of the Earths Older Peoples, and who spoke of a time when the Planets were ‘gods’ and threw Lightning Bolts at each other."

This smacks of Velikovsky, however it may more closely relate to Harry Mason's material as referenced above.


There have been reports of similar kind of strikes in other areas of our local galaxy. One remarkable proofs of the ongoing or historical war can be found on the crust of the moons of the solar system. Astronomers have tried to say that these "chains" of impact craters are from asteroids. Unfortunately, this is not possible. This effect is found nearly everywhere in the solar system, which brings up another bit of info, the issue of Tunguska.

EXHIBIT #5 There are signs at Tunguska that have been reported as of recent months that the belief in what caused Tunguska was not an asteroid strike. The theory has been shifting to that of a destroyed UFO. A destroyed UFO from a battle over the skies of Russia. On June 30th, 1908, something exploded 8 km above the Stony Tunguska river. About 2150 square kilometers of Siberian taiga were devastated and 80 millions trees were overthrown. This is a Space.com report from 2004 on an expedition to Tunguska:

"Russian Alien Spaceship Claims Raise Eyebrows, Skepticism

posted: 12 August 2004

02:39 pm ET

An expedition of Russian researchers claims to have found evidence that an alien spaceship had something to do with a huge explosion over Siberia in 1908. Experts in asteroids and comets have long said the massive blast was caused by a space rock. The latest claim was written up by news wires and was making the Internet rounds Thursday morning. According to Agencies France Pares, the scientists say they've found "an extraterrestrial device" that explains "one of the 20th Century's biggest scientific mysteries," a catastrophe that flattened some 800 square miles of Siberian forest in a region called Tunguska. Various other news reports told of a "technical device" and "a large block made with metal." The researchers were said to chip a piece off for laboratory study.

'Plan to uncover evidence'

The Russian research team is called the Tunguska Space Phenomenon foundation and is led by Yuri Labvin. He said in late July that an expedition to the scene would seek evidence that aliens were involved.

"We intend to uncover evidences that will prove the fact that it was not a meteorite that rammed the Earth, but a UFO," Labvin was quoted by the Russian newspaper Pravda on July 29."

So was it a dog fight over Siberia? Ending in a plasma hit and a powerful nuclear explosion? Again the press frames this as nutzoids talking about UFO's and conspiracies.

EXHIBIT #6 Here are some other examples of this struggle going on in the skies above us. This first image is of one of our "cubes" over Nazca, cloaked and firing upon another unknown target. We have reported the facts of this invasion in a number of articles posted on this site. Here's a list:








The GOES image on the right above was taken in 2002 during the G8 conference in Kananaskis, Alberta Canada. You may want to open this image in a separate page so you can get the detail. In the exploded box you can see a number of geometric shapes that seem to hover above the clouds. There are a number of images from different GOES satellites during the same period of time showing these objects to be directly over the G8 conference during the time that the leaders of those nations were meeting. The G8 was organized in 1975 in Rambouillet, France. The original members were France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and the US of course. Now it also includes Canada and Russia. Keep in mind that these respective countries do not send representatives or emissaries, the head of the country is the primary speaker for the country. That's not to say that they don't bring along with them a huge entourage (they limited the aides to forty per country during the Canada conference). But the thrust of the meetings are handled by the heads of state. Of course they are always accompanied by riots and protests. Needless to say similar images were taken above Scotland this year. These geometric shapes bare a remarkable resemblance to the cubes mentioned in the above articles. So what am I suggesting? It seems fairly clear. Around each of their meeting sites there is created a security buffer. The buffer is an area of 4 miles completely around the hotel where the conference is being held. Air restrictions are enforced in addition to road access near the conference. The security costs at the Canadian conference was almost 300 million dollars. That number paled in comparison to the Genoa conference a few years earlier. It is said to have cost one billion dollars. What could be so important? Is it possible? Could we possibly suggest that there may have been more countries represented there than just the G8? Maybe a country from another planet???? You look at the pictures and see what you think.

EXHIBIT #7 Over the last few years, since the SOHO/LASCO satellite was put into orbit, the general public has had one of the greatest opportunities ever, in discovering anomalies as above. Unfortunately since the SOHO/LASCO image were made available to the public, there have been days of interrupted service and other information from other satellites has become extremely restricted. For instance, the HST (Hubble) images are severely restricted. Even the images that have been released at times had areas blackened out, not unlike secret government documents with stripes of black marker over half the page. However the anomalies have been too numerous for the spooks to cover up. The following images show actual craft firing and being fired upon. They may appear to be close to the sun, however they are likely closer to the satellite than the sun.

These are only a few of hundreds, if not thousands of examples. The following image, also from the SOHO satellite, has a familiar look to it. Compare this image to the image above of the GOES satellite over the G8 conference. The geometric shapes, or "cubes" if you will, are so similar it's uncanny.

So what's going on here? What does all of this mean? Is there a connection between all of these images and evidences? Does this prove that there is a war going on? Maybe not. Maybe it isn't a war, maybe these are just skirmishes. If our government has made contact, if our government actually has some current contact with at least one of these visitors, then perhaps these images and our conclusions are accurate. It sure seems that our current president - President Bush, has become very religious over the past few years. Is that just imagination?

One last contribution to consider:

EXHIBIT #8 If we (the U.S. government) have actually been in possession of alien technology... technology like that mentioned in Corso's writings, then we should expect that we have been able to duplicate some of it or all of it. Besides the desire to duplicate the obvious, the craft/propulsion, the next choice would've had to be their weapons. In the images above, their weapons are very powerful. Recall if you will, the articles written by Harry Mason. Recall the images of what looks like at a glance is cratering. Remember the SOHO images of plasma shots through space. Now consider if you will, the following image.

This image is of Phobos and it is comparing Phobos to an object in a GOES weather satellite image. They appear to be the same object. The two following images have been false colored to bring out more detail.

There are a couple of things to take note of here. First of course is the similarities between the two objects. If you disagree please feel free to register your points on the TMG Blog. Then please notice the "field" around the object. The field appears to be either some kind of protective field, or it really looks like "Cubes" or those geometric shapes surrounding the object. If it were simply pixilation they would be all over the image. There is one more thing in the image you should be made aware of. Between the 10 and 11 o'clock position from the object is a relatively bright line that appears to be bent in the middle away from the object. In the additional image below we can see the flying path of the object from the north of the US toward the south. You can clearly see the wash behind the object.

You can see the complete wash of the object from above the Canadian border.

The pixilation is seen around the false drawn in border, but not around other areas of the image - except around the object.

The black arrow is pointing to the feature to consider. This is a considerably hotter item on the IR photo than the rest of the image. We would like to suggest that this is a plasma shot at the object, from one of a number of facilities in the US capable of producing such an attack. It is not a cloud, simply compare its shape and texture to the surrounding clouds.

CONCLUSIONS: The conclusions are yours.

Threat level assessment?

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