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In the Year 2525

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Guest STILL Mr.Ne'er-Do-Well

Hey! This is my first post since the forum changed and everything went to crap and I had to create a new identity here...

That's such a creepy song, moreso when you think of the events of 'The Fourth Horseman' and 'The Time Is Now'. It was brilliantly used on Millennium, especially combined with the static and shots of Frank quietly going nuts. Downloaded about a year ago, and it ended up being the first track for my X-Files/Millennium CD.

Been thinking about the story of that two parter lately, with the shits thats been going on with the bird flu and it's fatal effects of humans. Very disturbing...has a very biblical and apocalyptic vibe about it, huh?

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listening to Love is Blue right now!!

I was in this Japanese-owned restaurant in China (don't ask), and Love is Blue started playing... it was kind of surreal. I mentioned it at lunch (not that it was connected to MM or anything, just that it was playing) because we were trying to define the restaurant - connected to a golf course, serving Chinese food, decorated a little like an archaeologic dig... and then all the sudden "A Room With No View." It kind of fit too b/c the bathrooms were sort of underground...

- nothing


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Guest A Stranger

"In the Year 2525"

Zager and Evans

In the year 2525

If man is still alive.

If woman can survive, they may find.

In the year 3535

Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies.

Everything you think, do and say, is in the pill you took today.

In the year 4545

Ain't gonna need your teeth, won't need your eyes.

You won't find a thing to chew.

Nobody's gonna look at you.

In the year 5555

Your arms hanging limp at your sides.

Your legs got nothing to do.

Some machine doing that for you.

In the year 6565

Ain't gonna need no husband, won't need no wife.

You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too.

From the bottom of a long glass tube. Whoa-oh

In the year 7510

If God's a-comin, he oughta make it by then.

Maybe he'll look around himself and say.

Guess it's time for the judgment day.

In the year 8510

God is gonna shake his mighty head.

He'll either say.I'm pleased where man has been.

Or tear it down and start again. Whoa-oh

In the year 9595

I'm kinda wonderin if man is gonna be alive.

He's taken everything this old Earth can give.

And he ain't put back nothing.Whoa-oh

Now it's been ten thousand years

Man has cried a billion tears.

For what he never knew,

now man's reign is through.

But through eternal night.

The twinkling of starlight.

So very far away.

Maybe it's only yesterday.

In the year 2525

If man is still alive.

If woman can survive, they may find.

In the year 3535...

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Better you don´t ever hear "I´ll never fall in love again" by Dionne Warwick over lunch, especially whilst eating chicken :grin2:

Alex :ouro:

...ahhh,those pesky viral chickens! -(bet they'll never undercook again!)

~se7en :ouro:

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