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Chris Carters Dvd Commentary

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The subject of Chris Carter's MillenniuM DVD Commentary which will appear on The Pilot as a special Feature has recently been discussed on the alt.tv.millennium Millennium Newsgroup on Usenet.

You can read the whole thread here:


One poster has stated he believes the Commentary to be a duplicate of the one one apparently released on the extremely rare US Millennium Laserdisc release of Pilot/Gehenna. He states that the commentary was contained in the left analogue audio track which seems to have surpised some of the other Posters. Furthermore he states he has now posted the Commentray as an .mp3 file on the binary Millennium newsgroup alt.binaries.tv.millennium available for download. I haven't found it myself on this newsgroup.

I know Se7en has this rare one off release disc as I posted it to him as a gift before I got to know him as I thought he'd appreciate it. Perhaps Se7en can have a look? Could it be hidden on the Japanese version as they don't seem to think its on the US version? Why would Carter go to the trouble of making a commentray for it to be hidden as an easter egg? Fact or fiction...

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Guest se7en


Ahhhhhh,yeah.........in short,he's full of sh*t or just confused......no,he's just full of sh*t. there is no commentary track on this release. NONE. there is both an anaolog and a digital soundtrack but both are "FULL' soundtracks only.

There was no,and is no,"EXTREMELY RARE" MM laserdisc w/audio commentary. while laserdisc invented the "extras" we are so fond of today on DVD,including audio commentary,back then audio commentary was a relatively rare thing in and of itself,unless it was a "special edition release which this was not,let alone making one for a show as neglected by Fox as MM was.

...there were only about 6-7,000 copies of the one,and only,US laserdic release of Pilot/Gehenna...........not exactly a candidate for the extra time and money Fox would have to spend on commisioning an audio commentary in the first place........and if they did why only put it on a few copies when so few were made in the first place?!?!

If such a commentary existed it would almost certainly be on the japanese released laserdisc box sets.-(IT'S NOT) "PIONEER LDCA-JAPAN" spent A LOT of money,and took great care, producing these sets as MM was very popular over there at the time.-(hell you can still rent the laserdiscs in rental stores over there,or so i've been told.)

...another factor to consider is that,while the only MM disc released had decent picture/sound you can still tell that it was mastered,IMHO,from the VHS release as the japanese released discs were mastered directly from the source material which,for the LD format,produced a very lush hi-res picture and sound.

Yet another indication that the U.S. released was rushed out the door with zip promotion to speak of further ruling out the existance of this mysterious LD commentary.-(my LD retailer at the time,"SIGHT & SOUND" one of the best in the business,did not find out about this release until 3-weeks before it arrived,and he recieved zero promotional materials for it. not even a freaking poster.)

...it seems he either wants the attention or has taken one too many "shrooms". (??)


se7en :ouro:

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Guest Second Coming

I have the U.S. laserdisc of Pilot/Gehenna. The commentary doesn't exist. Or either there's some secret way of unlocking it. :rofl:

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Guest Demolition Man
I have the U.S. laserdisc of Pilot/Gehenna. The commentary doesn't exist. Or either there's some secret way of unlocking it. :rofl:

Yeah you have to tip your Laserdisc player upside down while trying to balance it on your pinky finger all while trying to walk backwards in a circle with the machine playing it. :grin2:

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LOL! You forgot you have to chant in Latin backwards as you walk too!

Sorry I'm not saying much in here....Don't know much about this subject, but I have to keep popping in here for a good laugh! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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