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Man Finds Daughter-in-law's Body In Freezer

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LONDON (Reuters) - British police launched a murder investigation Thursday after a man found his daughter-in-law's dismembered body in his son's freezer.

Police said they believed the body was that of Tae Hui Dalton, 36, who lived with her husband, Paul, in the suburb of Kingston-upon-Thames, southwest of London.

"Police are actively seeking, and would like to speak to, Paul Dalton in connection with this murder," said Scotland Yard.

They declined to comment on a report in the Sun newspaper, citing homicide squad sources, which said the man let himself into his son's house late Tuesday when he found no one home.

The paper said he was looking for milk for a cup of tea when he discovered the Korean-born victim wrapped up in plastic bags.


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Guest Wellington


I did not think that normal meat costed so much nowadays... :eyes:

Sometimes we should really wonder what crosses people's minds... Killing someone is quite something, cutting that someone to pieces quite another, and I cannot find any name for putting those pieces in a fridge!?!?! Unless the theory of suicide is considered, of course, but I doubt it...


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couple of reason, and if you do this don't mention me...

first, it would be impossible to determine the time of death due to body temp.

Cooking meat, as well as freezing it changes the body chemistry, so that how they died (from drugs, strangulation some poisons etc can't be determined.

Now, it takes an awful lot to butcher up someone, wrap them in ziplock bags and toss them in the freezer. its down right messy too. so where is the blood?? I haven't read the story yet, but it would stand to reason if the person killed her there, then popped the body in the freazer then took off there was alot of care that went into it. I have seen british freezers. they are tiny bits, of things- not like the huge blanket chest freezers-

now, here is a question, - do brits call the refrigerator a freezer? because our freezers and refrigerators are two seperate things, a refrigerator is where you would keep the milk, the freezer is where, well things are frozen solid. you don't open up the freezer for milk btw, it wouldnt do your tea any good nor would it pour well from the carton.

Now, here is a conspiricy theroy. the son didn't do it, he was framed and someone else killed his wife and then abducted him...


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