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OT?: Bellflower High School teacher

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I've labelled this topic as OT? (Off-Topic?) because I assume it doesn't have anything to do with "Fencewalker" ... or maybe it does.

Some years back, a documentary about CC was made called "The Joy of X", in which CC mentioned Bellflower High School as being a school where, in his day, people weren't expected to go on to university/college.

A couple of days ago I received my latest order from The Teaching Company, an organisation in the US that recruits mainly professors to record lectures in their specialty, mostly on DVD, covering a range of subjects. I have quite a few that I've bought and the one that I'm focussing on at the moment is called "Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy" by Professor Alex Filippenko of the University of California at Berkeley. He's a renowned and charismatic lecturer and I'm thoroughly enjoying watching and listening to his lectures.

Along with my order came the latest brochure of Teaching Company courses. I simply browsed through that as I have plenty on hand to keep me going for several months, but I noticed that there are some new courses, some of which are at high school level rather than university level. In particular is the course called "History: The Fertile Cresent to the American Revolution". What caught my eye was the description of the lecturer: Professor Linwood C Thompson, Bellflower High School, who is described as a teacher of both history and drama.

Here's the URL to that course: www.teach12.com/ttcx/CourseDescLong2.aspx?cid=131

It's worth reading through the course description, especially as to how Prof. Thompson teaches this course - it seems very visual and dramatic. I'm intrigued and might well buy this course when I've finished what I already have here.

I wonder - is this the connection between "Fencewalker" and CC's decision to film at his old school?

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