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Mehcad Brooks speaks about Fencewalker

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Mehcad Brooks, an actor who plays a lead character in Chris Carter's Fencewalker, tells something about his character in the movie:

"The biggest challenge I’ve faced as an actor was a character named Salaam Alexander from an upcoming film entitled Fencewalker. He had an innocence about him that I lost years ago. He hadn’t seen or known the world to be quite as cold a place as it can be from time to time. Humans are so fragile. And he was hard to embody because he goes through so much in the duration of the film. Some of it was so devastating that I just had to accept the circumstances of what was happening to him and it was tough. Really tough."



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I can't recall if this has been discussed, but I just looking at the Wikipedia entry for Fencewalker and it mentions "The Baltimore Sun reported the following July that Carter's personal project may not see release".

This would be a shame as CC raised funding for this film. I can't see it not being released, certainly in some format.

I searched the Baltimore Sun website but could find no mention of the article refereed to.

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Mehcad Brooks who plays a lead role in Chris Carter's Fencewalker told mnn.com that the movie “deals with the racial dynamic of America. I would describe it as American Beauty meets American History X.”

According to mnn.com, Fencewalker hits theaters later this year.

Source: mnn.com https://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/ecollywood/stories/ecollywood-glenn-close-dwayne-the-rock-johnson-eric-stoltz-lucy-lawless

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I have to say this isn't the type of film I would usually rent. I'm pretty predictable in my choice of viewing in that it is almost always horror or scifi but this is Chris Carter after all so that's the carrot to my donkey. All in all, I'm not particularly excited about this but time will tell and thank you Juri for keeping us so well informed.

Eth :thumbsup:

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You are welcome, Mark ;)

As for Mehcad Brooks' acting abilities, I've seen him only in "Desperate Housewives" (yup, that was my quilty pleasure once LOL) and I think he was pretty good in it. :)

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Guest WaveCrest

Fencewalker? I would think it's about a cat or bird...strange title.

It reminds me of the X Files episode title "Firewalker".

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