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Just Watched The Pilot Off The Dvd Set...

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Guest MyDarkSide

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Guest MyDarkSide

Much, much better than my horrible episodes taped off of FX. Just got a new RCA TruFlat 27" tv and hooked up the rca cables from tv to vcr. The episode sounds great and I noticed a lot of lesser music & SFX I've never heard before. That and I don't think I had seen the teaser to the pilot before. Commentary was decent. Love the 'it really is a family show...just slightly perverse...' comment. Great set.

I am curious as to why the sets are being marketed with different covers and other items in the UK, though.... :ouro:

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I am curious as to why the sets are being marketed with different covers and other items in the UK, though....  :ouro:

Simple. A different marketing division is handling it. FOX US handles everything for North America while FOX UK handles anything that is being released in their neck of the woods. So with every country that releases Millennium Season One, you're likely to get different cover art and package design due to how their marketing department want the set to look like. For example, Roswell has different covert art in France and Japan for the DVD releases (and then the UK will have differebnt art for the S2 and S3 sets). So each marketing department for each country get their design people to make a cover like something they believe will sell in that country best. Sometimes you may get the same covert art in one or more countries, but sometimes that is just the exception to the rule.

As for different extras appearing in other countries or less extras, it all comes down to how much they want to spend to license and do clearances for the extras (and then some extras may only be able to be released in certain parts of the world due to rights issues in other parts of the world).

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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Guest Demolition Man

Perhaps someone can do custom cover artwork for those of us in the States that uses the Region 2/UK artwork. Somehow I like that artwork better then what we got over here - much more mysterious and true to the show in general over the Pilot centric artwork we got here.

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