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Lately i have been watching some of the old X-Files episodes in my collection and the phrase "Extreme Possibilites" comes up every know and then. Well in the Fringe series they use "Extreme Possibilites" in their adds and scripts. looks like the Fringe people must have studied the X-Files series

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What the heck is that? Looks kind of like the Flukeman!

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:confused: Is it from "The Thing" or "Videodrome" Joe? It certainly looks familiar but I can't be sure.


PS I don't think there's any mystery that Fringe was inspired by the X-Files amongst other shows, JJ said so before the show even aired. I think the nods to the show in the both Fringe and Lost are his way of furthering his acknowledgement of the X-Files and they way in which it paved the way for shows like Fringe and Lost in much the same way that the Twilight Zone, Kolchak et. al. paved the way for the X-Files.



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