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2010 Interesting Fact

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Just a little fact tidbit. I posted this here because it's a number thing, which is a big part of some Millennium episodes. Wish I had posted this before August.

This August had 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, and 5 Tuesdays, all in one month. The last time was in 2004, and before 2004 it was in 1999. The next time this event will occur will be in 2021, 2027, and 2032. This can happen in any month with 31 days.

Urban Legends

Truth or Fiction

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There's a really odd chain text that is doing the rounds in the UK at the moment. My mother asked me about it as she received one and it spooked her a little. It basically quotes some odd astrological event that is happening at the moment. I don't know if an odd event is genuinely happening or not but the message goes on to advise everyone to send it to five of their friends or something unfortunate will happen to them tomorrow. Of course it's all hogwash and I've told my mother as much but it really makes me wonder how these things get started and, more specifically, why?


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