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When was that interview taken place? First 2 seasons? Just trying to pin point when Lance quit the death sticks.

I'm sure T.J. Wright mentions Lance quitting during the filming of The Hand of Saint Sebastian, it might be on his commentary for the episode.

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from what i hear, lance is a smoker. also, annabeth gish's character in the last season of the x-files was a smoker. chris carter doesn't strike me as the smoking type, being a smoker myself, but what i did gather is that he sorta saw it as a bad thing, being that most of the characters in the x-files that were less thatn wholesome, were smokers. in millennium, the lines are always a little more blurred.

Lara Means was a smoker :smokin: , but maybe this is another example of M&W breaking CC's rules ie: only bad people smoke.

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Guest exangel

I would imagine the use of Smoking in his series(plural) is both recognition of the use of tobacco by native americans as a ritual stimulant when the individual hasn't enough strength to handle (whatever) independent of the (addiction).

I say this especially with the exceptional focus on this in the X-Files (Genetically Engineered tobacco beetles) and so forth, in an alternate perspective of the overgrowth of the addiction in the US.

For the record, I only smoke ritualistically when making peace with a new acquaintance who smokes. Tobacco or Marijuana. Otherwise I never smoke.

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i'll fess up to smoking on the rarest of occasions

....if he did, it didn't stick because there is a photo of him on the set of Anitpas, from S3, taking a smoke break.

source of/links to this pic, se7en? it's not that i doubt you, i just love behind-the-scenes stuff

-nothing :smokin: just kidding

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