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Impending Glen Morgan interview

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I hope this is the place to post this. I'm a little loath to bring this up, but I have been in touch with Glen Morgan, and while it's not a lock yet, I hope to shortly interview Glen Morgan about his years with working on The X-Files, and to a lesser degree, Millennium.

I already have come up with a number of Millennium questions for Mr. Morgan, but knowing that this place has some of the smartest fans in the world, is there a particular question that anyone here has for Mr. Morgan about his Millennium tenure?

This interview might, most likely, happen within the week.

Thank you. grinning.gif

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I don't know how smart I am, but I do have some questions.

With all the things written by Morgan and Wong, I was wondering if there are any stories they wrote that originate from a direct experience by at least one of them. Could be that there are multiple experiences, and I for one would love to hear about them.

And of course, "Which MLM episode was his favorite, and why?"

"Beware of the Dog" is one of the MLM fan's favorites. What was the inspiration for this episode and their reason for the dogs?

Most every fan loves "The Curse of Frank Black." No question, just a big "THANK YOU."

Which episode(s) were the most challenging to write, and why?

"Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me," was so different from all the other episodes in MLM. What was the inspiriation behind writing this unusual episode?

If you could go back and change an episode, or episodes, which one(s) would it/they be, and why?

Matt, Do you know why Morgan and Wong didn't write any episodes for season three? If you don't know, please find out, whether aired or not.

Thanks for the opportunity to show how smart I am. fool.gif

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Thanks Matt for the update.

Thought of another question(s).

If you were asked to write a present-time movie about Frank Black, Jordan, and whoever else survived from the original season, do you have any thoughts as to the scenerio? What would Frank and Jordan be doing and would it be along the same lines as the fan-based movie with Jordan's ability being sought after by the MLM group?

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Guest thadarkside

Earthnut...if you search iTunes for BacktoFrankBlack or go to the website, we did an interview with Glen Morgan a bit ago and we cover alot of Millennium material...including some very interesting unknown tidbits...enjoy. Remember, neither Morgan or Wong had done a full Millennium interview after they left the series at the end of Season 2. We were the first to get interviews with both Morgan and Wong. check them out.

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Guest thadarkside

to correct an answer given to Earthnut's question. yes, Morgan & Wong were contracted to be the show runners for Season 2. Chris Carter DID know that they were going to be running the show, but he was too involved with X-files at the time to have any real input with Season 2.

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