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A Millennium video that I made for all of you :)

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Hi! Here it is finally. I did this Millennium video (and a little twist with the music) as a small homage to the show and I dedicated especially to Lance, the guys from BTFB and you guys from "This is who we are net" ;)  for keeping the show alive. The thing is that I tried uploading it to youtube and vimeo but no matter what quality I used it looked awful. The video weight is around 300mb and when I download it from Youtube (after I upload it there) it weighted 23mb! (they also change the size of the video to 1280). So you can imagine the poor quality and my frustation. That´s why I uploaded to wetransfer to share it with all  :) 

It would only takes 10-15 minutes to download it. I think it looks and sounds pretty good. The link to download will last for only a couple of days because wetransfer erase it. But if that happens and someone ask for it, of course  I will upload it again.




I left you a snap from the video as a sample :)



aLe :)


ps: congrats for the upgrade of the SITE!!!!!! GREat work!!


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Hi Frank,

Apologies, I just found myself able to take a look a look at this and its now gone!
I feel very guilty since you went to so much trouble. Any joy with Youtube or Vimeo?



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I'm also very interested in seeing this since I'm a fellow Millennium music video editor myself, and going back in the editing chair after a couple of years hiatus.

If you have a gmail/google account you have access to google drive which is what I use to share my videos (people can choose to watch or download them) and it has plenty of space, so that's not a problem.

Not all of them are there but will be added in random fashion here and there, almost gotten to 50 videos (not all of them strictly music videos in that sense).

Cheers from Iceland and don't be dark.


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I'm not depressed, just quiet.

Jósef's Visual Musings:


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Thank you Josef, so very much, for allowing us to download them.

I am unfamiliar with Google Drive.  How does it work?

Cheers from Oklahoma in the U S, and hoping I am seen as a bright, shining star.  If not, well I'd settle for a candle...



"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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