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Guest Max Fenig

Hey, what up?!

I decided to join these forums because I'm a huge fan of The X-Files (see the username) and only recently got into Millennium. By only recently, though, I seriously mean like, this week. It was a bit too weird for me when it first aired, and I often missed the syndicated episodes, but the release of the first season on DVD sparked my interest. Through illegal means - sorry, sorry - I downloaded "Pilot", "Wide Open", and "Covenant", and I'm VERY impressed. I just ordered the DVD set and I am greatly anticipating it. I also have "Broken World", one of the few episodes I watched when I was younger, and it scared the living bejeesus out of me. Apparently it's the worst of the season. I'll watch it to tide me over until the full set gets here, and then I'll start watching the series in chronological order.

As for myself, I was a member of the X-Files LJ community for a while, but the average intelligence there seemed to be a bit below my level of comfort (the kicker was when somebody questioned why Mulder put X's in his window). I own the first eight seasons on DVD, paid full price for all of them, but I think I'll wait to pick #9 out at a garage sale. Good to see FOX aren't screwing us over with the prices on Millennium. I'm sure some of you got into the show because of The X-Files, too, so until my DVDs get here, I'm always open to talk about that.

I'm not completely closed off to Millennium. I know some basic things - it starts getting weird in the second season because of Morgan & Wong, and I know a couple of critical plot details (even if I didn't watch it, I did grow up around it, you know), but nothing that should hinder my MLM experience.

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