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Newbie here! Just wanted to say that I've always loved Millennium from the minute it came out and was so disappointed when it was over-felt like I was missing a good friend! Never thought that there were others who were so touched by the show-just figured I liked it so much cuz I'm weird :tongue: Anyway-I'm 33, an Environmental Educator at a County Park in NC, USA. I have a degree in Biology and have always had a personal interest in forensics, criminalistics, and medical pathology. I took an EMT course and was so fascinated by my "first"dead body. Please don't take that in a perv sense-it was touching to me in an emotional way as well, but the intricacies of the human body are striking. I was SO STOKED to get M: Season 1 on DVD-my daughter and I watched all of them within a week. Yeah-I've corrupted my daugher! Ten years old and she could remember most of the Millenium episodes and she was only approx 4 to 6 at the time! We both watch CSI and Forensic Files all of the time-thanks to Spike TV and Discovery. I am growing the next Gill Grissom! :bigsmile: I am still in the process of reading through the hundreds of topics and replies so if I ask an already answered question, I apologize! SO, SO happy to find kindred spirits out there!!! I've already downloaded the Millenium icon background fron the new Fox website and I feel like I belong!!! :wink: See, there are FAMILIES of Millennium Fans! Thank you so much for being here!!! CHEERS! And why do we have to wait until Jan 2005 to get Season 2 when you UK guys get it the end of OCT? No fair! :alien: Tonya

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Guest blondton13

Just wanted to add that my daughter's favorite episode was "The Curse of Frank Black" (she still remembers it though we haven't seen it in-what?-6 years!?! and I hated the X-Files crossover because I just didn't feel Frank was the type of individual to keep himself in a mental facility-he appeared to have lost all of his inner strength and that just didn't seem in character-any thoughts on that? I don't remember all of seasons 2 and 3 so now I have to wait to mingle on the rest of the discussions! :arguing::praying: But I must say it is hard to get away from this website-I try to read EVERYTHING because it is a breath of fresh air-if that makes sense. And RAVENWOLF-are you a member of a papgan website somewhere-your name and personality appear familiar! :bigsmile: Everyone here seems to have many interests that mirror my own. Why can't I live around you people instead of meeting only in cyberspace?!! :angry: I might have more friends!! :p:p:tongue:

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