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The Time is Now; Jordan's dreams

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I have been watching episodes of Millennium.  I watched the Christmas ones but like potato chips, you can't just stop at two... ;)   I keep going back to how little attention the parents seemed to pay to Jordan's dreams.   They would flip flop on  Jordan's ability.

You know in Siren, Catherine and Frank took Jordan seriously. But in Midnight of the Century, Catherine didn't believe Jordan colored with her dead grandmother.   Jordan always had insight.  She saw Angels when Catherine was kidnapped,  they left when Catherine was returned.  She knew her Aunt was being tormented by  someone.  She knew her dad was after the bad man. She saw the fetches coming to the church... Still... Jordan has the nightmarish dream about monkeys in the trees, then her and her parents going to the cabin, and her mother walking away, leaving her and Frank alone....She tells Catherine, who tells Frank. Right?

So why then, when they were living each step in that dream did they not realize it and stop?  The virus breaks out, they go right up to the cabin in the woods,  and no one stops to think that hey Jordan dreamed this. Even Jordan doesn't mention it as they are going in, like "Hey Mommy and Daddy this is the cabin I saw we have to stop and go home"... Nothing  right?

Catherine doesn't see Jordan's dream playing out , Frank doesn't see it? She gives them a play by play account of the near future... and they miss it.  That has always bugged me. It felt like the writers dropped the ball or maybe the parts where someone realizes it ended up on the cutting room floor... But again, I thought back to other episodes, where   Jordan's ability  was evident, but got taken too lightly, or disbelieved, or ignored.

I admit when I watched the episode the first few times, I missed it myself...  So much was going on in one episode.  But I realized one day,  that Jordan's dream was  exactly what happened! Then I realized, the hints were dropping as far back as Midnight of the Century, with Henry's fetch coming to the church. He was looking for Catherine who would soon join him on the other side! The messenger told Frank that's what fetches do. Frank had hints all along.. (or we the audience did). There was practically a neon sign.  would the parents have done anything differently? Would they have chanced giving Catherine the vaccine because Jordan's visions said Catherine was the one  who would die, not Jordan? Frank would be tempted, but no, I really don't think he would have done anything differently regarding the vaccine. I know Catherine would not have changed that part.  But I kept thinking, if they have paid attention, and perhaps not even have left the yellow house,  would Catherine have lived? The virus had an incubation time of minutes to hours.  She most likely was exposed  going into the cabin, or while there.


That's another thing, everyone else died within minutes of being exposed. We have to assume Catherine was indoors in the cabin for hours while sleeping, before waking to find she was sick.  It also took  it's sweet time with her.  She had time to feel her neck get a flashlight, see the blood on her hands, look at her family,  put her shoes on, and coat, and walk away into the woods. That farmer, and the mothers day family, kicked over in a very short time,  minutes after exposure.

The sound of snow shows us Catherine's death was calm, quiet.  The other deaths were violent. I'm glad Catherine's death was portrayed calmer.  (One could argue she had a different version of the virus.  Longer incubation, less violent.... perhaps she really was targeted)..

Anyway, Jordan saw all of this in her recurring  nightmares. She told her mother.  Her mother told her father.  Of course Catherine attributed it to stress. She hadn't a clue I don't think, how powerful Jordan's ability was.    But Frank...  Lara Means drew Frank a picture in Midnight of the Century.....He didn't pick up on it after that? Even when Watt's  told him point blank that Jordan doesn't "just"  dream and Frank should know that by now, after Frank mentioned Jordan's dreams?  It fits, and it doesn't fit.  It fits the pattern, of  the on again off again seriousness with which they took Jordan's ability, but it doesn't fit because her dreams were such a vivid  map of the future that  they shouldn't have missed it.


Okay, I had to vent that.  Thanks for listening!






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You have some awesome questions, and I so wish the writers were here to answer them.  I am positive that we as fans would have written the episodes a lot different if we could go back in time with what we know.

I know one thing.  Catherine did believe in the spirit realm, but I don't think she believed that we could interact with a spirit until she had been given solid proof in Ananmnesis, but that was after Midnight of the Century.

Frank and Catherine just didn't understand Frank's ability well enough to come close to understanding Jordan's, even though they knew something was there.  That's what made Midnight of the Century such an awesome episode, the end, when Frank knows Jordan has the gift, and they walk down the sidewalk together, probably and hopefully to talk about it.  But when it comes to children's dreams, parents tend to not pay much attention and usually say, "You were just dreaming."  It may have never occurred to them that Jordan was actually seeing future truths.

The Sound of Snow is one of my favorites, and a necessary episode to give Frank closure.  I can only assume that with each individual's different metabolism, the virus acted different, and in most cases probably similar.  However Catherine's death was, Frank was given the closure he needed to move on with his life and Jordan's.

Your venting was good Seesthru, because it brought up questions that we all wish were answered, and again, saying I wish the writers were here to answer them.

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