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Do the novels provide crucial information?

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Do the novelizations of "The Pilot" (The Frenchman), "Gehenna", "The Wild and the Innocent", "Weeds" and "Force Majeure" provide crucial background information? Does The Frenchman explain how the Frenchman got off the bridge in "The Pilot"? Does Gehenna provide more Legion information and dates? Does The Wild and the Innocent explain if Maddie's mother was killed by Jake or she really committed suicide and he just watched and confirm that Bobby is Angel's father? Does Weeds explain the killer's motivations a little more? Does Force Majeure give more information on Dennis Hoffman, the Iron Lung Man and where are the male clones? Do any of those novels give more information on Frank or any of the other series regulars?

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On 2/17/2020 at 5:43 AM, Crunch7204 said:

I'm checking these out right now. Definitely buying them, and there seem to be a lot of alternative sellers:



I avoid Amazon at all costs 🙂

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This just came in the mail a few days ago from Books From the Crypt, an online store from Maryland whose tagline is "Specializing in Pulp SF, Fantasy & Horror Since 1997." I wonder if that's how long they've had this near-mint copy. Great book so far. It's around 240 pages and Elizabeth Hand has a real skill with imagery. The writing is poetic, and you do get more from the novel. So far not on the deductive reasoning/pathologist end, but certainly when it comes to Frank's home life, his desire to protect his family, the way he holds his breath so he can hear is daughter breathing while she sleeps peacefully in the night.

I'll post the Gehenna novel when I start reading it in a day or two.


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