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Hi, I've been a member for a while now, but this is the first time that I've posted here. I've been hooked on MillenniuM since last year when I finally got to watch it on the Scream digital station in Canada. It no longer runs on Scream since the dvd release, but the dvds sure are sweet. MillenniuM is my 2nd favorite show after Babylon 5. Lost is probably my 3rd favorite show. Looking forward to posting again soon.


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Guest SouthernCelt

:hi: ZOHAR. On this board it's definitely "the more the merrier" :clapping: so let us hear more from you.

I noticed from your profile that you list music first in your list of interests and activities. What's your music genre?

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Guest blondton13

Greetings and Salutations, Zohar! We welcome you to this crazy little site many of us call home! It is a wonderful place to be, if you don't mind occasional mental blips from otherwise intelligent people! (like me! :tongue: )

Welcome from TIWWA! :rofl::devil::smokin:

This IS.....who we are.


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Welcome, Zohar!

My son is a big fan of B5 - he would often give me detailed synopses of whatever episode he'd just watched. :bigsmile:

I'd like to watch the show eventually - I'm sure my son has got the DVDs - but how to find the time? I know from B5 fans that it's not the kind of show you can watch without paying a good deal of attention, so I'd have to organise my time to fit it in.

But it's on my ever-increasing list of things to do!

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the big welcome! You really make one feel at home!

Southerncelt, in answer to your question, I like all music genres, but my favorites would be classic rock, progressive rock, alternative, techno, and symphonic (mostly film scores). I have been a drummer since the age of 15 (off & on).

Archer, do you know more about the new Bab5 movie? Airdate and network and storyline?

Libby, definitely watch Babylon 5 and it's spinoff B5: Crusade someday, as well as the 6 tv movies:

1.The Gathering (The Pilot)

2.In the Beginning


4.The River of Souls

5.A Call to Arms (the setup for Crusade)

6.To Live and Die in Starlight

Watch the pilot (movie 1) first, then B5 seasons 1-4, then movies 2-4, then season 5, then movie 5, then Crusade, then movie 6. All are availabe on dvd except movie 6. B5 seasons 1-5, crusade season 1, and the first 5 B5 movies are all available in dvd boxsets. Most enjoyable stuff! :wink:

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