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I'm starting on typing up "missing" transcripts. As The Old Man knows (from a thread on alt.tv.millennium) I've downloaded quite a number from various websites, including the Abyss.

I've got some specific questions, but I'll ask those in the Episode section.

But: I have typed up some TXF and TLG transcripts which are on Dr Weesh's site and he edited them as necessary (plus filled in any gaps). What would be good is if someone here would be willing to do the same with my MM transcripts. You'd obviously need to have access to the episodes on tape/disc. The work wouldn't be too great (I've had mumblety-mumble years of experience of audio typing) and I won't be producing them too quickly.

Of course, I'd be happy for the finished transcripts to be available to anyone who wants them.

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Keep me posted on this effort.  I would love to be able to add missing transcripts to the Abyss episode guide, and may be able to edit a number of the new transcripts as necessary, if need be.  Let me know.  Hopefully there are some others in this forum who would be able to lend a hand as well.

Perhaps someday, thanks to the efforts of fans such as yourself, the Abyss episode guide will be able to offer a complete transcript for every Millennium episode.

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