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Darren Mcgavin

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I know some of us has already posted about his life, his film and Tv career......but i just felt kinda responsible to do this since i am the moderator for this cozy little off-shoot message board.

Darren, your light has shined all over the world and now it has flickered out but the memories of your life still live on through the magic of TV and your loving family. We rejoice to your enthusiasim for what is right and we stand up to honor your courage to speak up against the powers that be. You where a father....teacher....actor and role model to those that seek to find the truth. Darren we love you, and will be surely missed in this world. You will always be my hero, Joe McBrayer

heres some pics enjoy!


https://www.ultimatedisney.com/images/hotlead4.jpg *Picture of Knott and McGavin together in a movie


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