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The Old Man

Sense and Antisense

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Hi all,

I have just watched Sense and Antisense, the third episode of Season Two.

At the end of the episode, Frank, Peter, Roedecker and Giebs track down the following via a PC terminal:


William Kramer MD, Ph.D

Genetic Engineering,

Numerous military degrees,



The team head down to an industrial unit bearing the name "5C03".


Not believing I could be the first to spot this, but here's my thing:

1. 5C03 is the ID format used by 1013 Procutions to label/number each episode of Millennium, prior to handing it over to Fox who renamed the episodes MLM-101, MLM-318 etc.

2. 5C03 is the same exact 1013 Production Code used by 1013 for this very same episode, Sense and Antisense prior to Fox re-assigning it MLM-203.

Coincidence? I think not...

What do you think?

Gra. :ouro:

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Oooh, you're right. Well spotted.

I wonder if they just used the production code as a placemarker to begin with, meaning to change it later, or perhaps they decided to put it in just to see if there were any eagle-eyed fans who would make the connection.

(quick google of alt.tv.millennium searching on 5C03) Nope, no-one else seems to have spotted this.

Anyway, I wouldn't think it's a coincidence - I reckon any 1013 coincidences are about as rare as, um, er, a rare thing.


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