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Second Coming

Episode of MillenniuM released yesterday

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Well okay it's technically the X-Files episode titled "Millennium". Which attempts to wrap up the Millennium series where it was dropped from Fox. Although most fans are dissapointed in the episode. Anyway, just letting everyone know that you can pick it up on the X-Files Season Seven dvd set. I plan on getting mine as soon as I get ahold of some cash. Oh and there's also a millienniumistc x-files episode in there as well, I believe it's Hollywood A.D. It's sorta funny and silly but it also deals with some religious and mysterious stuff.

Federman follows Mulder and Scully to Hoffman's apartment, where they find not only bomb-making materials, but forging instruments and fake religious documents describing an account of Christ's life on earth after his resurrection. As they return to the crypt, Federman tells Mulder that he admires the agents' underhanded way of working. "No warrants, no permission, no research -- you're like studio executives with guns," he says. While Mulder discovers remnants of Hoffman's forgeries, Federman watches in astonishment as human bones animatedly try to reassemble broken pottery. He recounts the scene over breakfast at a diner, and Scully acknowledges that he must have been hallucinating the events. Yet Federman, filled with enough "flavor" for his movie, decides he's had enough and leaves. Scully admits that his story reminded her of an old Catholic school tale about the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. His incantations were engraved on a bowl being spun on a wheel nearby, like the grooves on a record. Mulder is intrigued by this idea, and sends Scully to consult with their expert friend Chuck Burks. Chuck analyzes the bowl and finds that all the notes vibrate in exactly the same key -- a feat unheard of in music.

Hollywood A.D. synopsis: http://www.thexfiles.com/episodes/season7/7x19.html

Millennium synopsis: http://www.thexfiles.com/episodes/season7/7x04.html

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If you want another X Files episode with a Millennium feel, try "Daemonicus", from the 9th season!  Very cool!  Even included a couple of lines about "A snake...Eating it's own tail"

Thanks for keeping us updated!

RavenWolfRAVEN WOLF :ouro:

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