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When surfin' i found this site www.requiem.and.pl/mlm/galeria/galeria.html with some pic's. Check it out when you can. ( sorry didn't know how to creat the Hyperlink )

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THANKS, NUNO!   :D   I'll go check it out!

To create a hyperlink...Click on the blue http://  that you see when your tiping a post...Above where you're tiping...

A window will pop up to the left of your screen, and inside it, you'll see a white bar with http:// in it.  That just disapears when you start to tipe the URL.  Like http://www.requiem.and.pl/mlm/galeria/galeria.html

Then click OK in that window, and another window will pop up. Ignore what it says in the white bar again, just start tiping whatever the name is.  (Of the web-site...Like This Is Who We Are)  Here's an example...  I'll make one for my site.

URL is http://www.angelfire.com/moon/ravenwolf


That's what I'll tipe in, and it'll look like this when I'm done!


You'll see a long web address with URL before it, & /URL after it.  But it'll look different when you post it! :p   I discovered this purely by accedent!  Enjoy!

:ouro:~RAVEN WOLF :ouro:

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