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Sounds Like an X-files Episode

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Brooklyn Writer Seeks to Expose Local Cult that Has Allegedly Destroyed His Life with Evil Eye Implants

Published: Fri, 3 Nov 2006, 05:47 EST

By Aria C. Munro

Staff Writer, Publishers Newswire

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Brooklyn Writer Seeks to Expose Local Cult that Has Allegedly Destroyed His Life with Evil Eye Implants

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- This may be one for the X-Files; author Ellis Beyda, of the soon to be released book "Evil Eyes Evil Minds," challenges the commandment: "Love thy neighbor as you would yourself." According to the author, there is a Jewish underground Sephardic Orthodox Cult located in Brooklyn, N.Y., that allegedly "hates thy neighbor." In fact, Beyda was so struck by their twisted and allegedly criminal tactics to destroy their neighbors and him, that he decided to write a book about it.

While the tactics of this group may seem to be out of the script of a sci-fi movie, Beyda claims that the group is dangerous and other-worldly criminal behavior is taking place.

"They put implants into a person's brain, eyes and other body parts, while they are sleeping, or even awake," Beyda claims. "Sounds terrifying, doesn't it? I think this might be a criminal precedent, in the halls of justice."

Beyda has not only researched this group but has also, he claims, been the victim of such ghastly activities first-hand for ten years now. He claims that the "brain implants" can read minds and then transmit those thoughts to the cult members; eye implants transmit images.

"I have visited the local police precinct on several occasions, but they would not allow me to file a report," Beyda said. "It sounded too far fetched for them to believe. I even visited a psychiatrist who also did not believe what I was attempting to reveal."

Most people would agree; however, Beyda is convinced that unknowing subjects are falling prey to this cult and claims that it is his public duty to expose them "as criminals and millionaire sadists with nothing else to do but hurt an innocent person to watch him suffer and make him broke. That they did by shooting my brains when I had important decisions to make for ten years, going on 11."

According to Beyda, the cult has attempted to murder him four times; has used EMF rays on him so he could not concentrate; has allegedly forced him to go on disability; and to lose his family, friends, and job. He even relocated from New York to Florida, but Beyda indicates that the cult allegedly followed him there and was able to quickly wire the condominium where he was living.

Beyda discovered his eye implants on a dark night while looking through his telescope. He observed a glowing object in the mirror and upon further examination discovered a glowing sphere planted into each eye; he was terrified.

"They also 'cooked' me, with microwaves, like a fried chicken," he claims. "They also had their microscopic cameras and microphones all over the house in Brooklyn. Also in my condo in Florida and in my car, to follow me wherever I go; here in New York or Florida also."

"Evil Eyes Evil Minds," scheduled to be released in the summer of 2007, will describe these alleged torture tactics and expose the cult's alleged depraved indifference to human life.

"Ten years is long enough, I have to somehow bring about justice," Beyda explained, "and, I hope that 'Evil Eyes Evil Minds,' will provide me with the venue to do so."

For more information contact:

Ellis Beyda, +1-305-322-1405, evileyesevilminds@yahoo.com

Send2Press® is the originating wire service for this story.

NEWS SOURCE: Ellis Beyda

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That's amazing! Do you think he's making it up? I mean, where would anyone get that kind of technology? And how did they implant something in him he was not aware of?

I may email the guy, just to see....

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Guest SouthernCelt

Boy, this guy takes some leaps in logic to get to what he's alleging. What or who finances the cost of all this technology, if such exists at all? I bet the FBI, CIA, Mossad and a lot of other intelligence agencies would like to get ahold of some of this stuff!

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Guest Doll

my psych instructor gave a us a few memorable lines in class one day.

"it's usually paranoid sch.....when they think the tv is watching them."

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