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Guest cutiepie

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Guest cutiepie

Thanks so for your replies everyone (p.s. Joe I am a big fan of 24 too - so I'm sure you will NJOY!!!).

It's a shame to hear that it was the actual production team that had the problems as usually it's the cast not getting along! I wont hold my breathe for a movie or another series but I will keep my eyes peeled in the future as you never know...........would love to see Frank, Peter and Jordan back doing their thing. Also with Peter now doing Lost I suppose he may be too busy to even film Millenium if it did make a come back.

What annoyed me most was the full 3 series' were building up to the Millenium, thats what the whole show was based on and then they scrap it before the countdown is over - gutted is an understatement!!!

Oh well life goes on...........

Do any of you recommend any other shows that are even remotely similar to this one?

P.S. Happy New Year!!!

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Here are my recommendations:

The Night Stalker(2005) With Stuart Townsend. Some people would probably dissagree with me on this one. I am not sure if its avaliable in the UK.

Six Feet Under

Criminal Minds

X-Files....thats a given

Dexter(2006) its a new series on Showtime here in US. I have seen clips and to me it looks great! A friend of mine loves it.

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Guest cutiepie

Never really got into the six feet under series, given the chance I will have a look at the first series again and see if it clicks.

Never heard of Criminal Minds, will keep eye out for it.

XFiles - loved it, not as much as MM tho!

Thanks 4 taking time to reply.

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