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Hello all

Guest Seraphim

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Guest Seraphim

Hello everyone,

I registered a few days ago but this is my first post. I figured I would post here first to say "Hi". I have been a fan of MilleniuM since it's first season. Though, was unable to watch all of the episodes during it's run. I am quite glad to see a DVD release finally announced. For awhile now, lackluster TV shows have received release, while MilleniuM has not. Good to see that chaage. I had not seen any episodes since it was on Fox, but downloaded a few eps not long ago. Watching those has made me want the DVD's even more. Well, I look forward to posting here. Take care all.




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Guest se7en

.....and a hearty WELCOME to you! As part of the admin. team i hope you enjoy your time spent here at TIWWA, should you ever have any questions/comments please do contact either Graham-(The Old Man) or myself-(se7en).


se7en :ouro:

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