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Top 5 Episode Lists.

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

This is probably a really old topic I know but I haven't posted on this section of the board before so I am unfamiliar with what people like here. I can't believe its taken this long for me to get round to talking X-Files...

Season One. (My Favourite Season by far).

The Best... And the Worst.

1. Pilot.1. 1. Shadows (has its moments but...)

2. Fallen Angel. 2. Ghost in the Machine.

3. Beyond the Sea. 3. Ice. (Yes, really).

4. Miracle Man. 4. Space (but I like the idea).

5. Born Again. 5. Lazarus.

Season Two.

1. Sleepless. 1. The Host.

2. Duane Barry. 2. 3.

3. One Breath. 3. Red Museum.

4. Irresistable. 4. Excelsus Dei.

5. Fresh Bones. 5. Humbug.

Season Three.

1. 2SHY. 1. The List.

2. Oubliette. 2. War of the Coprophages.

3. Grotesque. 3. Szygy.

4. Piper Maru/Apocrypha. 4. Hell Money.

5. Pusher. 5. Quagmire.

Season Four.

1. Unruhe. 1. Sanguinarium.

2. The Field where I died. 2. El Mundo Gira.

3. Paper Hearts. 3. Tempus Fugit/Max.

4. Never Again. 4. Syncrony.

5. Unrequited. 5. Elegy.

Season Five. (My least favourite Season by far).

1. Kitsunegari. 1. Redux/Redux 2.

2. Bad Blood. 2. The Post-Modern Prometheus.

3. Travelers. 3. Christmas Carol/Emily.

4. All Souls. 4. Chinga (or Bunghoney).

5. Folie A Deux. 5. Killswitch.

Season Six.

1. Drive. 1. Triangle.

2. Tithonus. 2. The Rain King.

3. SR 819. 3. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.

4. Monday. 4. Three of a Kind.

5. Milagro. 5. The Unnatural.

Season Seven.

1. Millennium (as an X-File!) 1. The Goldberg Variation.

2. Rush. 2. X-Cops.

3. Orison. 3. First Person Shooter.

4. Signs and Wonders. 4. Hollywood A.D.

5. Theef. 5. Fight Club.

Season Eight. (Much better than it is given credit for).

1. Within/Without. 1. Patience.

2. Invocation. 2. Roadrunners.

3. Via Negativa. 3. Salvage.

4. Vienen. 4. Badlaa.

5. Essence/Existence. 5. The Gift.

And I haven't yet seen Season Nine (but I want to as I had heard Season 8 was awful which it wasn't at all).

So, you don't have to go through all that, but I'd like to know what people like here. Cheers.

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Guest lilblackgirl

how could you not like humbug? i admit that the serious, non-serial killer of the week eps are what really grab me and keep me coming back for more, but you have to admit that the humor in XF is excellently done and very intellegent and humbug couldn't have been better. Being able to laugh at Mulder and Scully and their lives give you that emotional attachment to them that only those who are serious about the series will truly understand.

that being said, i'm only up to the end of season 3, so the rest of your list is unknown, but I've never gotten this involved in a series (with one exception :bigsmile: ) and i'm totally hooked.

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Guest chrisnu

Season One

Best Worst

1. "Beyond The Sea" 1. "Space"

2. "Ice" 2. "Ghost In The Machine"

3. "The Erlenmeyer Flask" 3. "Young At Heart"

4. "Squeeze" 4. "Born Again"

5. "Pilot 5. "Shadows"

Season Two

1. "Anasazi" 1. "Excelsius Dei"

2. "One Breath" 2. "Fearful Symmetry"

3. "Irresistible" 3. "3"

4. "Colony" 4. "Fresh Bones"

5. "End Game" 5. "Firewalker"

Season Three

1. "Clyde Bruckman..." 1. "Teso Dos Bichos"

2. "Pusher" 2. "Hell Money"

3. "Jose Chung..." 3. "The List"

4. "Paper Clip" 4. "The Walk"

5. "Grotesque" 5. "D.P.O."

Season Four

1. "Memento Mori" 1. "Sanguinarium"

2. "Paper Hearts" 2. "El Mundo Gira"

3. "Small Potatoes" 3. "Teliko"

4. "Musings Of A CSM" 4. "The Field Where I Died"

5. "Tunguska" 5. "Synchrony"

Season Five

1. "Bad Blood" 1. "Travelers"

2. "Redux II" 2. "Schizogeny"

3. "The Red And The Black" 3. "All Souls"

4. "Post-Modern Prometheus" 4. "Chinga"

5. "The Pine Bluff Variant" 5. "Emily"

Season Six

1. "Milagro" 1. "Alpha"

2. "The Unnatural" 2. "Agua Mala"

3. "Field Trip" 3. "The Rain King"

4. "Tithonus" 4. "Arcadia"

5. "Triangle" 5. "Terms Of Endearment"

Season Seven

1. "Je Souhaite" 1. "Fight Club"

2. "Requiem" 2. "First Person Shooter"

3. "Amor Fati" 3. "Signs & Wonders"

4. "X-Cops" 4. "Chimera"

5. "The Goldberg Variation" 5. "Orison"

Season Eight

1. "Redrum" 1. "Badlaa"

2. "Via Negativa" 2. "Surekill"

3. "Vienen" 3. "Roadrunners"

4. "Within" 4. "Per Manum"

5. "Medusa" 5. "Essence"

Season Nine

1. "4-D" 1. "William"

2. "John Doe" 2. "Jump The Shark"

3. "Hellbound" 3. "Trust No 1"

4. "Audrey Pauley" 4. "Lord Of The Flies"

5. "Release" 5. "Improbable"

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Guest A Stranger

I haven't written one of these for a while! Sounds like fun:

In no particular order:


Best: Deep Throat, Ice, Beyond the Sea, Darkness Falls, Squeeze

Worst: Space, Shadows, Born Again, Lazarus, Ghost in the Machine


Best: The Host, End Game, One Breath, Anasazi, Irresistble

Worst: Firewalker, Aubery, Soft Light, Excelsius Dei, Red Museum


Best: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Jose Chung's From Outer Space, Pusher, Grotesque, 731

Worst: Teso Dos Bichos, Hell Money, 2Shy


Best: Home, Herrenvolk, Tunguska, Paper Hearts, Memento Mori...The list just goes on. This is the best season of the series!

Worst: Teliko, Synchrony


Best: Redux II, The Post-Modern Prometheus, Bad Blood, The Red and the Black, Folie a Duex, Kill Switch

Worst: Chinga, Chistmas Carol, Travelers


Best: Triangle, How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, Drive, One Son, Milagro, Biogenesis, Tihonus, lots of great ones here too! Can't narrow it down.

Worst: Aqua Mala, The Rain King, Alpha, Trevor


Best: Orison, Theef, Requiem, Rush, All Things (barley able to come up with 5)

Worst: Millennium!!, Closure, First Person Shooter, Fight Club, The Sixth Extinction (most boring premiere ever)


Best: Via Negativa, Patience, The Gift, Per Manum, This is Not Happening

Worst: Roadrunners, Surekill, Salvage, Empedocles, Existence


Best: John Doe, Release, William, 4-D

Worst: Nothing Important Happened Today, Sunshine Days, Jump the Shark, Lord of the Flies, Improbable (and really just the entire season :snore: )

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Guest Max Fenig

1. very best/very worst

Season One


1. The Erlenmeyer Flask, DNA explanation and all

2. Fallen Angel, fifth & sixth degree burns and all

3. Beyond the Sea

4. E.B.E.

5. Deep Throat


1. Space

2. Ice (gasp, shock)

3. Roland

4. Born Again

5. Fire

Season Two


1. One Breath

2. Anasazi

3. The Host

4. Ascension

5. Soft Light


1. The Calusari

2. Excelsius Dei

3. Firewalker

Season Three


1. Wetwired

2. Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"

3. Apocrypha

4. Pusher

5. Paper Clip

close sixth to "Grotesque"


1. Teso Dos Bichos

2. 2Shy

3. The Walk

Season Four


1. Tempus Fugit/Max

2. Demons

3. Leonard Betts

4. Paper Hearts

5. Memento Mori


1. Sanguinarium

2. Kaddish

3. El Mundo Gira

Season Five


1. Redux II

2. Kill Switch

3. Folie a Deux

4. The Pine Bluff Variant

5. The Red & The Black


1. Chinga

2. The Post-Modern Prometheus

Season Six


1. Tithonus

2. Monday

3. Dreamland/Dreamland II

4. Three of a Kind

5. Drive


1. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

2. The Rain King

3. Alpha

4. Agua Mala

Season Seven


1. En Ami

2. X-Cops

3. Chimera

4. Requiem

5. The Goldberg Variation


1. Closure

2. Sein Und Zeit

3. Fight Club

4. Signs & Wonders

5. Hollywood A.D.

Season Eight (Underappreciated)


1. Empedocles

2. The Gift

3. Via Negativa

4. Medusa

5. Redrum


1. Existence

2. Surekill

3. Badlaa

4. Three Words

5. Invocation

Season Nine (not underappreciated)


1. Hellbound

2. John Doe

3. Release


1. Audrey Pauley

2. Trust No 1

3. Daemonicus

4. Jump the Shark

5. Sunshine Days

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Best: The Erlenmeyer Flask, Beyond the Sea, Squeeze, Tooms, Pilot

Worst: Space, Born Again, Genderbender, Miracle Man, Ghost in the Machine


Best: Anasazi, End Game, Colony, One Breath, Ascension

Worst: Fearful Symmetry, Excelsius Dei, The Calusari, Firewalker, Dod Calm

SEASON 3 (the best)

Best: Paper Clip, Apocrypha, Nisei, Jose Chung's "From Outer Space", The Blessing Way

Worst: Teso Dos Bichos, Hell Money, Syzygy... can't really think of any more bad ones


Best: Tunguska, Terma, Tempus Fugit, Paper Hearts, Leonard Betts

Worst: El Mundo Gira, Teliko, Sanguinarium, Synchrony, Elegy


Best: Redux II, Bad Blood, The Red and the Black, The Post-Modern Prometheus, Patient X

Worst: Travelers, Schizogeny... not a lot of bad episodes there


Best: Biogenesis, S.R. 819, One Son, Two Fathers, Triangle

Worst: The Rain King (ugh), How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, Three of a Kind, Alpha, Dreamland II


Best: Requiem, Closure, En Ami... not many worth mentioning there

Worst: Fight Club (the horror, the horror), The Amazing Maleeni, The Goldberg Variation, X-Cops, First Person Shooter


Best: This Is Not Happening, Within, DeadAlive, Via Negativa, Vienen

Worst: Surekill, Salvage, Badlaa, Patience, Alone

SEASON 9 (the worst)

Best: Release, John Doe, The Truth maybe... but then again maybe not

Worst: Improbable, Lord of the Flies, Provenance, Providence, Sunshine Days... +about half of the season

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Ok....So I'm lazy.... Not always 5, but here's a rough idea...

Season one (Best)


Beyond the Sea

Darkness Falls



Season one (worst)



"3" (& this is coming from a Vampire fan!)

(These 3 are so profoundly bad they make up for all 5!)

Season 2 (Best)


One Breath

Soft Light


Fresh Bones

Season 2 (Worst)

Fearful Symmetry (Not that it's that BAD of an episode, but it's just so profoundly depressing that I want to blow my brains out!)

Firewalker (What is it these people have with things bursting out of people's chests?!)

The Host (Scully, "Except for that Fluke Worm-man thing. I could have done without that just fine!" from "The Field Where I Died")

(Ok. That does it for season 2)

Season 3 (Best)


The Blessing Way

Paper Clip

Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"


Season 3 (Worst)

Hell Money

2Shy (Ok.... People being burned alive, having their eyes and hearts removed, or having the fat SUCKED out of them is just about all I can take of the bad side of season 3)

Season 4 (Best)


Tempus Fugit/Max


Season 4 (Worst)

Home, (need I say more?)

Leonard Betts (From fat suckers to Cancer-eaters! Does it GET any better than this? she said, sarcasticaly))

Season 5 (Best)

The Post-Modern Prometheus

Bad Blood

Kill Switch

(from the fanciful, to the funny, to the fantasticly exciting!)

Season 5 (Worst)

Travelers (Now, we go from things bursting out of people's chests to climing out of their throuts! YUMMY!)

Season 6 (Best)



Dreamland/Dreamland II

Three of a Kind

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

U]Season 6 (Worst)



Season 7 (Best)

All Things


The Goldberg Variation


Season 7 (Worst)


First Person Shooter

Signs and Wonders.

Hollywood A.D. (WHAT were they thinking!?)

Fight Club

Season 8 (Best)

Via Negativa (You gotta admit, THIS ONE WAS COOL!)

The Gift

Via Negativa



Season 8 (Worst)






Season 9 (Best)



John Doe

Audrey Pauley

Season 9 (Worst)

William ("She GAVE UP the *Miricle Child*?!)

Jump The Shark (How could they kill off the Lone Gunmen???)

Hellbound (Oh, great. Now I've got the metal image of Monica skinned alive in my head.....Geee....as if she didn't bother me enough already???)

"Trust No 1" (Other than seeing Terry O'Quin again.... I just dunno)

Lord Of The Flies (first we have creaturs bursting from people's chests, then crawling out of their throuts, and now we've got flies eating people's brains! Oh, God! Make it stop!

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I,m surprised no one has mentioned "Dod Kalm" in the worst of season 2, this would make my all time worst list along with "The field where I died".

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I,m surprised no one has mentioned "Dod Kalm" in the worst of season 2, this would make my all time worst list along with "The field where I died".

I did.

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Guest Max Fenig
I,m surprised no one has mentioned "Dod Kalm" in the worst of season 2, this would make my all time worst list along with "The field where I died".

I quite like Dod Kalm.

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