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This is absolute speculation on the way people get to "help":

public school documentation that results in special education identification, and or medical doctor referral for medication, and or family referral to community "help" centers, and or referral to social services.

criminal activity which has either the state sending the person in for "evaluation", or lawyers having their clients termed not responsible via "professional opinion or testimony"

marriage or relationship "experts" charge give their advice

witnesses and or victims of traumatic events and crimes

narcisistic (spelling?)adults with extra money still looking to blame their parents for not getting what they wanted out of life

people that begin hearing voices in their 20s

ex cult members

Woody Allen fans

people still waiting for a MLLM movie

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Thanks Roo and thanks Erin,

Can I be allowed one more?

Would you always have to fund your own therapy once you have settled upon a therapist you like?

What would happen to me if I was poor and had little income?

Actually it's two that isn't it?

Please forgive my probing but it's an interest of my mine personal and professional and I don't often get the chance to find out first hand. Here's hoping you two are both well.

Best wishes,


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In the US, your insurance pays for what it said it would pay for in your contract. For many that would be about 5 to 8 visits. After that you pay your own way, hire a lawyer to sue your insurance company or find another solution. However: if you qualify as an uninsured "poor" person, you can attend as many session deemed needed on the public dime.

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