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I just ordered new copies of "The Frenchmen" and "Gehenna" off of Amazon. I had heard once that there were 5 novels. Does anyone know what the 3 I am missing were?

(Please note, that if you do not have these in your collection, there were alot of them left!)

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Guest Anamnesis

There was supposed to be releases for Weeds & The Wild and the Innocent, but sadly they were canceled.

There was also supposed to be an official guide book, but that too was canceled. Although there were talks at one time to get an ebook release of this, but I think they must have fallen through too.

Hope you enjoy your books though! They are a good read ;)

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Hi guys,

We've tried contacting Jane Goldman to see about the possibility of sharing the work she did for Harper Collins but she doesn't respond sadly. I know of one other guidebook in existence that is very, very good but the creator chose not publish it as he was worried about copyright issues. Understandable but also a shame considering how many unofficial guidebooks exist for The X-Files and did so without any issues but I respect his view. It covers VS4 as well which is nice, hopefully if he ever returns to it he will update it to cover VS5 as well. The Shearman book is all we have to look forward to at the moment but, as we have discussed, with a relatively small page count and covering every one of Ten Thirteen's projects I would imagine Millennium content will be a little scarce.


PS Shearman's book is now available and the price has been reduced. Last time I looked it had been delayed due to publishing problems. Check it out here!

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I have been collecting the X-files and Millennium books, and have come up nearly empty on 5 books which are listed on Wikipedia, three are Millennium novelizations, and two are X-files novelizations as follows.


* Weeds by Victor Koman ISBN13: 9780061058424

* Force Majeure by Lewis Gannett ISBN13: 9780061059629

* The Wild and The Innocent by Jorge Zamacona and/or Elizabeth Massie ISBN13: 9780061059230


* Ascension by Quentin Thomas ISBN10: 0694518662 ISBN13: 9780694518661 (this is a novelization of the episodes Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath)

* Hunter by Charles L. Grant ISBN10: 006105416X ISBN13: 9780061054167 (novelization of the episodes Colony and Endgame)

The only books on this list i couldn't find a photo of online, were Force Majeure, and Hunter. Most of the editions of the Millennium books i found online, were of editions in languages other than English ( i believe they were in French and Spanish and/or German)

if anyone has any additional information on these books, or suggestions as to where I might obtain a copy of any of them, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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