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New revelations on the Zodiac killer?

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This story is going the rounds at the moment. Here are a couple of links: https://news.yahoo.co...-134802483.html



I should go back and review The Mikado episode, but I would think that if the real Zodiac killer stopped killing, there would have to be an external reason for that - either long-term imprisonment or death/incapacity. I really don't think that someone capable of those acts would be able to simply decide to live a law-abiding life into his nineties.

I think this is just another book about the Zodiac killer - if the writer did have definitive proof I'd have expected the local law enforcement to have re-opened this case. After all, solving this case after so many decades would be a feather in the cap for some smart young detective/DA.


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I just watched a video the other day of a woman who claims her adopted father is the killer and that he is now deceased. I don't believe we will ever know the total truth.


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