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Lightning strikes four times in the same spot

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A bit of bad reporting, observer error/lack of knowledge of lightning sequences. I learned a little about lightning strikes in a geography class recently, someone on the news station's website made the comment about the error and added this link


so what was actually seen were 3 flashes that kinda looked like 4 at the end of the video, which I guess the last flash shimmered a bit or the last dart leader part of the sequence was more visible than usual before the final return stroke to look like two flashes? The video footage though verifies it's the same lightning strike as it has the same exact form, not separate strikes (which would have to have at least a slightly different shape/angle).

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Lightning is a strange phenomenon, despite all that we already know about it. It results from differences in electrical charge within a storm system, but where it strikes isn't so easy to predict. It's often thought that lightning takes the easiest route to ground, hence hitting tall buildings or even trees. But there's the phenomenon of a "leader" being produced from the ground/building/tree upwards first, and then the electrical discharge from the clouds travelling down the path the leader has established. That's usually the reason why some tall buildings are frequently hit by lightning strikes.

But that doesn't account for lightning striking completely out of the blue. Here's a video that shows a lightning strike onto the sea:

There have been cases where people out surfing have been hit by lightning. Sea water, being salty, would conduct electricity better than fresh water, so surfers or swimmers are at a disadvantage if there's a lightning strike nearby, compared with being on land. Scary stuff!

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