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Think This Is "real World" Enough

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Guest fledgling666

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Guest fledgling666

wow, was really not expecting anyone on this board to have actually been there! that's amazing, and lived to tell about it! just wow.

as far as whether or not we should count this event among the significant ones of recent years; i think we should, even though the bubonic plague killed so many (is that number right?) and other tsunamis and quakes and famines have killed so many (the last tsunami i heard that had killed a lot of people was one in northern south america somewhere that swept 35000 people away). i heard he number this morning was over 118, 000 confirmed dead and still at least 20,000 missing. there is supposedly satellite photos of the landmasses before the tsunami and during and the sight of it is humbling.

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and yet there are familys that have survied, and children that have survived, and people that against the odds are found beneath the rubble after a week and are still alive- as horrible as this event was, there have been moments that have touched our souls - that have said, there is mercy in the world, and its random, but- maybe not?

there was an entire village of 1000 people that was distroyed- but not a single life was lost because the people heard the sea moan- and when the birds took flight they ran for their lives.


because- and I have said this before- the meek shall inherate the earth.

What does that mean, at this end time?

Simply, those who will survive are the ones who have toiled the soil, and used their hands to do their crafts. those are the ones who people may look down upon and belive they have no value- that they are guttermen, and they deserve what is given in life.

Given a gutterman, and a couch potato- who do you think would survie the hardest time?

How many here depend on take out, frozen food, and the only candles they have seen are for the mood, not for reading by.

how many know how to dip candles, how to make soap from fat and ash, or how to cook from dried beans?

the world is dieing.

Happy new year all.


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Guest blondton13

Wow! It is so refreshing to find people that are more pessimistic-oops! :bigsmile: mean realistic than me. I used to get a lot of flack from my friends about being what they referred to as negative. And I truly do not see it that way- I see it as expressing views based on current reality. I don't really have any close friends now since I have recently relocated, but I still "feel" the same about things, I just don't verbalize it as much. It's cool to come here and find you guys who analyze EVERYTHING like I do. Many of you have such similar thoughts I don't even need to share my own! Thank you for being here and being "WHO WE ARE.." :rofl::p

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