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Michael Hogan, aka "Captain Bigelow" in the MLM ep Wild and the Innocent, has a leading role in the new Battlestar Galactica as Col. Saul Tigh. We in the UK have been priviledged to view the first 13 episodes before the US premiere.

My wife and I have been watching the 1st season of MLM consecutively (her first viewing of the series in proper order - she had only seen a handful of eps). When we got to WATI, I was very happily surprised to make a MLM connection with one of my fav new shows.

I think the new BG is absolutely fantastic, clever, and brilliant! Great stuff!

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Yes he's excellent in BSG, although Morgan Freeman should have been Tigh or even Adama for me. I was dead against this series for being a re-imagining of the original childhood favorite but I'm now addicted to it and appreciate it for what it is. The music score is haunting and inspiring, the real physics for the ships and battles is awesome and reminds me of Space:Above and Beyond. The acting is first class although the events on Caprica have dragged on. Long live BSG. I think Richard Hatch was totally miscast - I apprecaite the fact that he was big enough to say he was wrong about his criticism over the reimagining (although I think he was right per se), but he should have had a better role than a terrorist.

I also disapprove of the constant Earth/Human like terms, slang and references, which should always be different than Earth's own.

Also look carefully in BSG for Clayton Watmough who played the role of Mabius's sniper in Collateral Damage and is seen next to Frank,gathered around the map in 522666. Clayton has been doing a lot of work since his role as a stunman/stunt double in Millennium (he appeared in about 5 episodes) and appears in the background in Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and older shows such as The X-Files. Clayton has some photo's and items from Millennium and other shows which he wants to be auctioned to TIWWA Members sometime this year.




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Great to see that there is another MLMer in BSG. I hadn't noticed that! Thanks!

I think the show is really an amazing and clever update. I have disagreed totally with the nay-sayers from the beginning. As I veiwed the BSG 2001 movie on Sci Fi in the States during its origninal airing, I got the feeling and hope that the movie was actually a pilot. And I hoped it would be successful, yeilding a series.

The series, so far, has just blown my expectations out of the water! I am soooo excited about the series. But, I have my fears, when I look at the course of other sci fi series that had great potential. I see a lot of them fall by the wayside. I keep fearing that the writers, directors, and/or producers are going to screw it up. There have been a few moments where I thought this was beginning to happen, but the episodes which contain these moments seem to always turn it around, or have purpose for what was happening.

Also, I think the subtle and not so subtle messages, commentaries, metaphors, etc are great. I love what they have been doing with the humans being pantheists and the Cylons being monotheists. I think it is really great that the Cylons seem to be the "true-believers," and that the humans are just "fox-hole believers," who basically just live their lives according to the needs, circumstances, and opportunities of the moment, with the occassional "Gods help us" thrown in. I really love this whole aspect of the show. I think this is a very timely and clever way to explore the reality of such behaviour. I truly cannot believe that it is allowed on American TV.

I also think the musicical scores are amazing.

I actually think Hatch works well as Tom Skarin (not sure if that is the last name of the character), the former freedom fighter/terrorist (depending on your perspective). I think he is actually convincing in the role. I also think that a recurring, non-regular character role was a wise choice. I think if he had a bigger role, it would be somehow distracting, or inappropriate given his role in the original BSG.

In addition, I think the Tom Skarin subplot is fantastic. This is another one of those areas of BSG that is very timely, in the wake of/current shadow of the Bush Regime/Administration in America. Once again, I really think it is amazing that this kind of thing will be aired on cable in America.

I could just go on and on about this show.

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