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4th Horseman

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An update on the H5N1 virus...sure to brighten your day :cry:

LONDON (AFP) - Hundreds of thousands of people may die and one quarter of the work force could be absent if Britain were hit by a bird flu pandemic, a senior government official said.

As we all hover over the precipice of the abyss, i continue to absolutely marvel at just how prophetic Millenium was. That is why the show continues to hold such a fixation on our souls and psyche, and that is why a show, 7 years after shuffling off its mortal coil, continues to be relevant to what is happening today.

To the average Joe on the street, it may seem silly to include the relevance of a television show to today's occurences. They will make all matters of claim, luck, coincidence, etc.

But to us here on TIWWA, we temper the "hollywood" presentation with a sense of reality, and marvel at the accuracy by which the show represents today's events.

We do this because:


In closing, i am reminded of the frenchman's last words in the pilot as he lay dying from gunshot wounds..


anyway, just wanted to open a new thread and have others pitch in on their various thoughts and beliefs....thanks,Mark..

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every decade has its 'deadly virus' and one day it could bite us in the butt.. but so far modern science has saved the day.

1950's Polio

1960's VEE and HIV [Africa]

1970's Swine flu

1980's Hunta virus and HIV [rest of the world]

1990's New Castle and BSE

2000's Bird Flu

and intermingled with those were the exotics like Ebola and Marburg [and others]

with outbreaks of natural occuring Anthrax and Bubonic pleague so maybe we should all dress like Michael Jackson .. JUST KIDDING.. :rofl::ouro:

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We modern men and women take what medical science has been able to do for the last 70 years for granted. Antibiotics are failing to have the punch they used to, and viruses seem to be getting smarter as well. I won't be too surprised if science's tempory wall of protetion against ages of pestilance and desiese comes crashing down in the next 30 years or so.

I am reminded of the Titanic. It was modern man's marvel. It was unsinkable. Man had conquered the seas and the future was all his........

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