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Just Bought Season 7

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Just found Season 7 at my fav. used CD/DVD shop for $40.....after viewing it i came to the conclusion Season 7 should of been the last season. Here are my fav. epi. on this season.

Millenium: Of course

Orison: Donnie Pfaster..what a SOB

Signs and Wonders: Ewwwww snakes

X-Cops: What a great concept of combining both shows

Chimera: I have a thing for Ravens :bigsmile:

Brand X: Smoking is bad for you

Hollywood A.D: just plain silly, but i love this epi. with Gary Shandling.

Theef..All Things: nice little scares

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Chimera: I have a thing for Ravens 

Awwww.... :makingeyes: Thank you! :grouphug:

I must say I agree with you that season 7 should have been the last season. There are some parts of seasons 8 & 9 that are quite well done, but as for keeping the integrity of the show, it really "ended" to me with season 7. :alien2::alien:

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Guest Sanitarium

Did you like The Amazing Maleeni? I love that episode. It's not even an X-File but it's a nice little caper, so to speak.

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Guest chrisnu

A lot of the cases themselves during this season were not very compelling, but the character arcs for Mulder and Scully, and how their relationship was changing was certainly magnetic. My favorites from this season:

1. "Je Souhaite"

2. "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"

3. "Requiem"

4. "X-Cops"

5. "The Goldberg Variation"/"The Amazing Maleeni"

Least favorites would be a tie between "First Person Shooter" and "Fight Club". I will always think that "Requiem" should have been the end of the series. It bookmarked things quite well, and yes, plenty of fans would've been upset, but at the time, it made emotional sense for the characters, I think. The ending of "Je Souhaite" is also probably my personal favorite Mulder/Scully moment. The epitome of short, but sweet.

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

I loved S7. It had a great feel at the start (very like Millennium in places). The show restored the old skool X-File cases, toned down the silliness (until the end anyway) and injected a wonderful sense of awe and religion to the Season. Some highlights were:

1) Hungry.

It could have been disgusting but this is a very touching and funny episode. VG wins again...

2) Millennium.

Millennium fans hate it, X-Files fans love it. I'm both and can see both arguments. As an X-File, I think it's really good.

3) Rush.

I love stories about super speed and this was very well done indeed. Reminded me of the best of S1.

4) Orison.

Not as good as it could have been. Excellent start and end, flabby middle. A real shame that Chip J didn't continue to write for TXF.

5) The Amazing Maleeni.

I don't usually like the comedy eps but this was very funny and charming.

6) Signs and Wonders.

I love this episode. The snake charmer priest is intimidating in his absolute conviction and piety.

7) Closure.

It may lack a certain credibility in places but it dispels utterly the rumours that Chris Carter is irredeemably pessimistic. The idea of innocence being saved and preserved forever was very powerful.

8) Theef.

Another excellent grass roots episode. Billy Drago is fantastic and the end is very well handled. Nice to see James 'Dead Letters' Morrison as well.

9) Requiem.

It wasn't great all the way through but the ending is very good indeed. The series probably could have ended here but I'm glad it didn't.

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