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Glen Jordan

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Guest betweenthelines

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Guest betweenthelines

The music guides for "Millennium" list this person as having written music for episodes such as 'Loin Like a Hunting Flame' and 'A Single Blade of Grass'. I was trying to search online for more information about him but found many websites devoted to a Glen Jordan who wrote film reviews online.

So does anyone know more information about this shady character, because I haven't had much luck in finding out more about him? :rofl:

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I'm a bit puzzled as well. I don't recognise the name, so I checked what data I've entered into the database that Graham and I are setting up, and I haven't got him listed in there. I couldn't find his name in the cast and crew listing at imdb, nor could I find any MM reference when searching on the name.

So I checked on the original official website, he's credited on Loin Like a Hunting Flame as:

Song Credits

"Hand in Hand We Die" - Glen Jordan

"Raveland" - Glen Jordan

"Frank Takes the Floor" - Glen Jordan

and for A Single Blade of Grass as:

Song Credits

"Ain't Got Far to Fall" - Glenn Jordan

There's a listing for "Glen Jordan" on imdb but that's for post-production sound on a 1999 movie. A google search brought up nothing on the song titles. The only thing I could find is that there is a composer called "Glenn Jordan" listed on imdb but not for Millennium.

I can understand the show using music specially written and recorded for the show (for copyright reasons) but I'm rather surprised that there's no mention anywhere of this person - I would have expected something on imdb at least.

So far he seems to be a mystery man. :rofl:

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I could never find out much about this person either when I was busy a few years ago trying to collect all of the music for Millennium.

The music listing at MDUK is slightly different for these two episodes (leaving out other songs except Glen Jordan):

Loin Like a Hunting Flame

"Frank Takes the Floor" by Glen Jordan

"Raveland" by Glen Jordan

A Single Blade of Grass

"Hand in Hand We Die" by Glen Jordan

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Guest betweenthelines

I'm guessing that maybe Glen Jordan probably contributed additional music and just didn't receive any credit. If that were the case, however, then surely there would be some information on him.

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