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The New Night Stalker Series...


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The best part of the show was the add in clip of Darren Magavin. AKA The real Night Stalker Kolchak

BEER----> Wasn't that great, I had to rerun that a couple of times. The show was pretty good, I'd give a---C maybe a high C. But then again I was spoiled after rewatching the original Carl. It would be nice if they could give this show a little light heartedness.


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Guest Kolchak
...premieres tomorrow night on ABC. i'm going to try to catch it....

Everyone post your comments here when ya get a chance!

I thought it was pretty good. Decent story, nicely shot, and the acting was better than I expected.

But, this show bares almost no resemblance to the original. Tony was almost nonexistant, and Updyke was totally gone. I think it also missed a lot of the humor of the original.

It seemed more like the X-Files than KolchK The Night Stalker. I enjoyed it, but in my mind I must separate it from the origanal or I shall go mad.

I also had to watch it on tape as my wife is crazy for CSI. I fear this series may not last long in this very difficult time slot.

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