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Luminary - A tribute...

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MDUK is pleased to announce the latest and third instalment in the MillenniuM Sound Clip series. A series of nine high quality MillenniuM MP3 Sound files are now available together with new screen captures from the Season Two Episode, "Luminary".

I hope you have fun listening to them, they were a pleasure to create...


The Old Man.

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:thankx-big: Graham!!!  Can I use any of it on the new Luminary page I'm working on on my site...RAVEN WOLF?  I would be honered!  And I thank you so much, as "Luminary" (as if it's not been blaitantly obvious...LOL) is one of my favorite episodes!! :thumbsup_big:  :thumbsup_big:

:Ouro_Large: Raven Wolf

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Thanks Graham!  I downloaded a couple of the sound files, but then I started to get worried, as I'm new at this whole computer-scene...  Am I taking up too much space on my hard drive? :eyes:  :thinking_big:

Sorry for the dumb question....

~Raven Wolf :Owls_Ouro_Large:

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I thought this book was excellant myself. {told ya Erin  :thumbsup_big: } the authors name is Jon Krakauer. A must read if you like this episode.


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