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MillenniuM's Wierd and Secret Science Projects

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Guest Wellington


There is a crazy idea in the episode where Emma's father gets recovery from the Alzheimer disease through the Group. It would be excellent as such, but all the hype about isolating one's personality and transplanting it in another brain is more X-Files stuff than MM stuff. Or there is something I never understood about it...


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I think it would be a toss up for my favorite, either The Sound of Snow, where white noise hides subliminal messages that trigger fear reactions or guilt reactions which in turn cause death or the episode of the FBI guy from the 40's investigating the death of the nuclear scientists.  Whatever that experiement was to bring the monster in the scientist out using radiation and genetics?  Kinda back to the Jeckle and Hyde theme.
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Guest Justa Fan

Gotta be the search for a chunk of

"The True Cross."

Now that's a relic the Millennium Group would

groove with!  Better the Group than the Nazi Party?

The Group would fight evil with this relic?  Yeah...



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As I look at most of the activities of the MLM Group (Roosters) in regards to their secret scientific operations or attempts to co-opt certain scientific activities, or persons that are the result of those activities (the clones, etc) - I see one undeniable purpose (at least on the part of the Roosters):  control.  It seems like all their wierd/sinister science projects had to do with either controlling the behaviour of individuals, controlling society/civilization, or control of those who have the scientific knowledge/know-how for their own purposes.

I would have to say that my favorite MLM Group scientific operation, was perhaps one that did not fall under this agenda of control - at least at first, and at least with the Owls anyway.  I was most intriqued with Mr Johntson's revelation to Lara in the basement of John Hopkin's.  This idea of the MLM Group preserving and seeking out forbin scientific advances for the good of humanity and the future - I found this most intriguing and I was very pleased by this aspect of the Group, and that the Owls were trying to carry on the original purpose of this operation in the present (ultimately and likely preparing for the "rip in the fabric of space-time" which will intersect with Earth around the 2050's in the MLM universe, anyway).

I was also intriqued that the Owls were trying to help certain members and "relieve" them of their "gifts" - which, though used to good purpose, where nonetheless quite oppressive to the "gifted."  It truly made sense that the Owls were trying to accomplish this, along side trying to carry on the original purpose of preserving forbiden or controversial scientific advancements, and securing access to them sooner than the rest of the world.

This "operation" of the Owls qualifies as one of my favorites of the MLM Group "science projects."


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Guest Zdenius
heh, or maybe when the killer change his look to other people yknow what I mean. if something like this exists it will be a massacre...  :ghostface:
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