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Guest The_0ld_Man

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.......make sure Methos doesn't find out!........i don't think Fitz would care either way as long as he gets laid! :tongue:  :smokin:


                                               se7en :ouro:

.....BTW: talk about a show with a complex dark mythology! hell,Highlander WAS a mythology,that not even MM,in my opinion could better.   ...i'm 3/4 through highlander season-2 dvd set. what a job they did on this! i LOVED,and laughed until i cried,at Adrian Paul's "Video" commentary on certain eps.          ...Season-3 box set comes out on Nov.11,buy or rent at a store near you!  this was truly a show that got better,richer,deeper,darker and more complex the longer it went,and is one of the few shows that,to myself,had a truly unique and cool finale.       ....i'll stop now. LOVE THAT DAMN SHOW!

                                     ~se7en :ouro:

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The way I see it, yes there is a war in hell.  This is all sounding remarkably like Robert Jordan has pinched his storylines and characters directly from biblical lore and adapted the names slightly.  All the characters in the books I mention are striving for power, as that is what evil desires above all else, which I guess makes sense in an MM context too.

The implication that the "Sameal" manifestations are supernatural agents in somekind of other-worldly power struggle with Frank and the characters of MLM just caught in the middle kind of makes sense in a way.  As has been discussed in another thread, the impression that I get is that Frank and humanity are pretty much on their own with respect to any assistance from God or other divine forces.  The only supernatural being/beings that really take a specific interest in Frank and in somehow helping him is Legion.  And that interest is at first mainly to just have Frank work for Legion's "side" doing Legions work, which to my mind would just make Frank a pawn in the Cosmic struggle for power and dominance.  Later, Legion kind of gives up, and takes the tact of just inticing Frank to step aside and stay out of the way of this whole Comsic struggle.  In the end, Frank seems to be the only threat that anyone in the show poses, because even the MLM Group is under Legions influence.  Could Frank have turned the tide of the supernatural cosmic struggle for power?

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Guest The_0ld_Man

The way of God is "He works in mysterious ways" the way of Satan "Father of lies" Thus implying that God does not intercede, or has plausible deniability, while Satan comes right to your face and lies to you...cajoles...intercedes.

T_0_M :Owls_Ouro_Large:

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